Samone is in for one wild weekend.

Samone takes a chance.A story of rape and murder.

I am a school teacher from a small town. I am black and lucky to have this job. As I am in the spot light, a young transplanted black girl, I must be on my best behavior at all times. I am a lesbian, but I cant let anyone in the community know this. I am 24 years old and I’m getting very horny with no steady girlfriend. I visit many chat rooms on line in hopes of meeting my heart throb, with other lesbians, but all I do is talk. There are many FaceBook groups of lesbians, but no lesbians close to me. All this chatting is producing is one fed up, horny, black lesbian that is getting no pussy. Pussy seems to be all I think about. Anytime I look at other female teachers, I wonder if they have hair on their pussies and what their cum would taste like. I like a hairy pussy that leaks lots of cum while I am licking my way from their asshole to their clit. If any of the teachers are gay, they dont show it. I am getting desperate.

Through one chat room I learned about a big ass party in a town about 2 hours from me. It is suppose to be wild where anything goes. There will be many gay girls and guys as well as straights. People of all ages. This sounds like something I could fit into with little or no chance of being recognized as the young school teacher from small town USA. I decided to go.

I know in parties like this, there will be plenty of drinking and plenty of drugs. I will have some of the drinking, but I never use drugs. I also know to keep an eye on my drink to make sure no one slips me any.

The party is in a large ball room in a hotel. I figure who ever did the planning, wanted rooms available for horny people like me. I would love to get some sweet thing to take me to a room and spend the night with me sucking, licking, and fingering until there is no more cum left in either of us.

When I arrived, the party was swinging. The music was loud, people were dancing. Some females dancing with other females. Some men dancing with other men. This was getting me excited. Maybe this trip would pay off. There were some dancing that looked like they were having sex on the dance floor, if it wasn’t for their clothes. I saw some girls walk up to two girls dancing and cut in. I saw men go up to two girls and cut in. Hell some men danced with two girls in a threesome. After a few drinks, I was ready to give it a try.

I walked up to a girl about my age, not beautiful but not a bow-wow. I figured that is who I would have my best chances with. She gave me a smile and we went to the dance floor. She held me tight. I could feel that old familiar feeling as her breast were grinding against mine. That was causing my breath to come in short gasps. I took the chance and lowered my hands to her ample ass cheeks, and she pulled me tighter. I was happier than I had been in years. As I could feel my cunt starting to drip, another girl came up and cut in with me. I felt the first girl was into me, now I could see another was into me. She was much older, maybe late 30’s or early 40’s, dark hair with dark piercing eyes, and as she pulled me tight, she whispered in my ear. “I have never eaten any black pussy. Can I have a taste of yours”? I was ready. I gave it all of 10 seconds to decide. All I did was smile and give her a nod.