[ For my friends A&T—and for all those interracial cuckold lifestyle couples out there! ]

The day before, Mara had fucked three of the four African men we’d made plans with months earlier, all at the same time—and the memory of that was still very fresh in my mind as we sat outside on the beach together. The wind off the Atlantic ocean stirred the slender palm trees above us, and the salty scent of the sea, mixed with that of the Jasmine and Oleanders, made for an exotic effect.

I glanced over at Mara as she was laying back on the beach chair, and I smiled to myself and felt my cock stirring behind the fabric of my swim trunks. My eyes soaked up the sight of her slender, scantily clad figure. Her flesh glistened slightly from the sunscreen she was wearing. Also, I kept thinking of those three young and eager African men, and the exhilaration I felt as they devoured her with such unfeigned, and uninhibited lust; and now, some twelve hours later, Mara was likely still carrying a certain amount of each of these young studs sperm inside of her, and each competing with the other to reach, and then fertilize at least one of her very fertile eggs. My cock stirred yet again as I thought of this.

There were other couples s**ttered around on the beach. Some, or so I surmised, were there for at least similar reasons to ours. In fact, here and there, I saw a number of white couples, setting either on towels, or on beach chairs like Mara and I were, and chatting (and flirting?) with one or more of the tall, well-muscled, and very handsome African men that dotted the beaches there; and seeing that, I smiled. Mara and I were definitely not the only white couple on vacation who were there for much more than volleyball and sight-seeing! In fact, if I sat there quietly, and for long enough, I could feel a certain amount of the sexual energy that was flowing around us.

Beneath the outward surface appearances, there was a tremendous amount of sexual lust behind nearly everything there! We had known this, of course, before we made our reservations; just as we had when we’d been to Kenya the year before, where Mara and I had gone in order for her to become pregnant with the first of the African fathered babies she and I were planning on her having over the years to come.

Setting there, watching a young African man squatted down talking and smiling with a slightly older white couple (Germans), I had a vivid image of the slightly plump, curly-haired blond on her back, with her legs spread wide as the young man talking and smiling, was fucking her with that characteristic enthusiasm that African men seem to have so much of! I kept watching him as he edged slightly closer to the woman. The man accompanying her, her husband, ostensibly, quietly looked on, not saying much; except to watch his wife and the young African man as they chatted. The expression on his face (the husbands, that is) was similar to that of other married men I’d seen there in similar circumstances. Fascination was one word for it. None seemed to express the slightest amount of discomfort or jealousy. Jealousy seemed to be the most rare and scares commodity there! I understood that very well myself.