Chapter 1. The first steps towards becoming a sissy slut.

My name is Stacy, I’m 19 years old, I live in Los Angeles. I used to be Stan – a weak, thin boy, I was often bullied in school by cool guys, I felt my role as a beta boy. Sissy themes I began to get involved with 15 years. Once after school, I was home alone, as my mother was at work. I jerked off my little cock in porn with sissy girls. I imagined myself in their place in the arms of an alpha male with a thick cock. I wanted to try everything I saw: lingerie, anal penetration, blowjob, submission. And on this day I decided to change my life.
First I went to the bathroom and shaved my hair off my thin body. Only on my pubis I left a strip of hair like a girl’s. Now my cock has become a real clitty. Next, I found an enema and washed my pussy for the upcoming anal games. Having rummaged in my mother’s cache, I found her ”toys” (we lived without a father). I grabbed a huge black dildo, lubricant and plug. I went back to the bathroom and started developing my pussy with my hand. When all the fingers came into it, I inserted a plug into it.
It’s time to dress up. From my mother’s wardrobe I chose a short red dress, stockings with garters and red high heel shoes. I don’t put on panties, because I like when the breeze caresses my clitty and pussy. I dressed up, put on makeup, put on earrings. I looked in the mirror and saw a sexy slim girl in front of me. From what I saw, my clitty began to swell. Now is the time for anal games. I pulled the plug out of my pussy and then lubricated it and the dildo with a lot of lubricant. I sat in front of the mirror and began to play with my pussy. I sat on the dildo slowly, as this was my first experience. After several attempts, I felt a pain that made me moan like a girl. The black dildo entered me completely and I began to ride on it. I did not touch the clitty, as the girl should enjoy only penetration into the pussy. After 10 minutes, I had my first anal orgasm. It was an unforgettable feeling. I cummed on my palm and began to lubricate my pussy with cum. The sight in the mirror was unforgettable – a slut with a broken-up pussy from which cum flows.
From that very day, in my soul, I felt no longer an ordinary loser named Stan, but a sissy slut Stacy. I liked being a girl and there wasn’t any way back…

Chapter 2. Mom’s black lover.

Since then, every day I developed my pussy. I loved trying different outfits: skirts, dresses, topics, stockings, heels. Fortunately, my mother is full of this. More about her. Her name is Sarah, she is 38 years old. She has curly black hair, 4 breast sizes and a big ass. What is there to hide – my mother is a slut. Sometimes at night I hear moans from her bedroom. Once I went to the door and saw something through the gap – my mother is fucked in her pussy by a black muscular bull with a huge cock. She moaned and wrapped her legs around his body. From what I saw, my clitty began to swell. I ran into my room, grabbed the first skirt I got, took out my mom’s dildo and began to ride on it under my mom’s moans. At this moment I wanted one thing – a cock of this alpha male in my pussy. After 5 minutes, a trickle fired from my clitty. I greased the dildo and pussy with my cum and began to ride on it again. That night I experienced an orgasm as much as 4 times.
Since then, this black bull came to mom every night. And every night I rode on a black dildo, wanting to be in my mom’s place.