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“Jancy, are you okay?” a sound came from the bedroom. “Nothing sir, she just tripped,” Shiva said and quickly I stepped out of my dark blue panties, and hooked all my blouse hooks. Saying “sorry Shiva, I could not control,” I picked up my white bra and dark blue panties and gave it to him. “I can understand, just sit down and relax for a while,” he said and went near the fridge and gave me some water. While I was drinking some water, “I am doctor remember, I can understand what happened to you, just relax,” Shiva said. I sipped some water and looked at him. “I just wanted to turn you on before you seduce him, but seems like I overdid things and made you. It is all my fault, I am sorry Eva, I will not do that again,” he said. “Come on Shiva, don’t be sorry. I did not get your intention of helping me, but I just got carried away. It is all my fault,” I said. “Jancy, let us not blame each other and ruin our friendship, I will never get a friend like you in my entire life, I don’t want to lose you Jancy. I have never had a good friend in my entire life,” he said and placed his hands over my hands. “Shiva, I will be a good friend to you, don’t worry okay?” I said and held his face. “Thank you Eva, I trust you” he said and quickly hugged me, and his weight made me lie down on the sofa and he slept on top of me. “Don’t worry, Shiva, I am there for you,” I said and hugged him, unaware of the fact that I am hugging him without my bra inside my blouse. He is my friend, so I did not mind, and Shiva started kissing my lips.

As he was kissing me passionately, I started feeling an itch between my legs again. Breaking the smooch, “Shiva, I am getting turned on,” I whispered biting my lips, holding his face. “I know you are feeling horny now, Eva. It is natural, do you understand?” he said, “Yeah,” I whispered. “Your body must be aching to make love to me, right?” he asked. “No,” I whispered and I blushed, “don’t feel shy, I am doctor I know what is going on inside you,” he whispered and planted a kiss on my lips, and before I could kiss his lips back the pulled his lips away from my lips. I tried to reach for his lips, and he was taking like lips away from me, I quickly held his face and began kissing his lips, he hugged me tight and continued kissing my lips. I could feel an itch between my legs, and the itch was throbbing me to take my left hand from his face, slide my hand inside saree and petticoat and rub my clit kissing his lips. Shiva broke the smooch, “Eva, you want me inside you right now isn’t it?” He whispered. “Yeah Shiva,” I said and hugged him tight, spreading my legs. “Your pussy is getting wet now, Eva?” he asked. I nodded yes pinching his lips, “you will feel great if I put my dick inside your wet pussy now, right?” he whispered. I looked into his eyes with lust filled eyes, as his straight words referring to my pussy, my wetness, and how great if would feel if he puts his dick inside my moist pussy, were totally turning me on. I gently kissed his forehead, and I did not say a word, but my facial expressions were saying “Shiva, I am totally on now, I want you to take me completely. I want you to lift up my saree and petticoat and make love to me, do it for your friend. Your friend likes you so much.”