Hi, guys! Here is part 3. Thank you all for your patience and suggestions. As a reward for being such good pets, I have attached a drawing of how I imagine the school uniform. I hope you enjoy it!

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School for Sex Slaves Part 3

She entered the office and let the front desk girl know that she was done with the medical exam and was awaiting the rest of her orientation. The girl, Becky, gave her a sympathetic look and asked ‘I gather you met Dr Shawn? He can be a bit tough on new slave students. He runs the stables so he portrays his disciplinary strategies to other departments. You will warm up to him. I will call Mr Bowman, he is the principal.’

Becky got up to reveal a very large ball dildo that she was sitting on. It was 4 balls, the lowest ball was the biggest, her guess about 2” diameter. It never really let her asshole to close up, keeping it gaping at the widest spot for as long as she was sitting on it. She came back, smiled, spread her ass cheeks and sat back down on the ball dildo. ‘He will be here in a minute. Have a seat.’

Lina turned around to see two chairs, with dildos of course. She took the dildo out of her ass and sat down on the new one. Becky saw her just awkwardly holding her dildo in her hands and said ‘Oh, it’s a school rule, you need to be sucking on the dildo or plug while you are waiting for someone and your asshole is full with something else. It’s more efficient.’ She did as she was told and thought she’d practice deep throat. She could taste her ass on it – best taste this early in the morning.

About five minutes later, a tall African man walked in. ‘Good morning, Miss Shephard. I am Principal Bowman. It’s nice to see you are using your time wisely and sucking on that dildo. Now put it back in and follow me to your quarters, please.’ Lina got up, cleaned the chair dildo, and put the other one back where it belongs, and followed Principal Bowman.

As she was walking behind him, she couldn’t help but notice his physique – he was in his 30’s, pretty tall and muscular, and she saw a pretty large ‘package’ in his pants when he walked in. She wondered if he would ever get to fuck her asshole with his big cock. Her clit tingled.

‘So how do you like the school so far? I see you’ve met Dr Shawn? I hope he wasn’t too hard on you?’ ‘The school seems very nice, sir. Dr Shawn just showed me what I need to improve on. I can’t wait to be taught how to be the best slave to my master.’ ‘Atta, girl. You will fit just right in here. So, following this corridor are the dorms for the first semester slave students.’ She looked in the distance and could see several of the so called ‘rooms’ which were basically glass walls from floor to ceiling, including the bathroom, for everyone to see. As Dr. Shawn mentioned, slaves do not get any privacy in the school, not when they sleep or when they use the bathrooms. This is to ensure that there are no i*****l activities between slave students. Everyone knows that those sluts are always horny and looking for a way to play with their holes. As they approached the dorms, she could see different types of toys displayed on the walls and one girl was on her knees, a dildo vacuum glued to the glass and she was sucking on it. ‘A lot of new girls need to practice sucking cock and the best time is usually in the mornings. We all get to witness their progress. Sometimes a teacher would walk in and mouth fuck them. All part of the education, of course.’