I woke hours later, I could hear the festival in full swing outside. I was sore and still soaking wet, I had passed out minutes after he had left.

Where was hubby and Dorothy? They hadn’t returned last night. I vaguely remember my guest saying hubby left, but where?

I got up cum oozing out of me. God i hope I’m not pregnant. The bed was a complete mess, a huge wet puddle stain in the middle.

I headed to the shower, raising the shame off. That man had his way with me and id let him. Hell id wanted it I still wanted it.

I felt the camper move, I got out to see Dorothy sitting in the breakfast area.

” You have a fun night? ”

She asked very casually.

” I did even if you hadn’t, what’d you do come here masterbate and pass out? ”

I knew she wouldn’t give me time to reply. She was on one.

” I can’t believe Adam took off. Always on call has to suck. He would have gotten laid last night. ”

So I wasn’t imagining my guest saying he left.

I listened to her babbling on while dressed and cleaned out up. I put lotions and quick heal all over my pussy trying to sooth the soreness.

I know she saw the wet spot on the bed, there were cum spots all over. But I don’t think she realized it. She told me about her night, very similar to my night. The other black guy had took her back to his place.

I got things going for the day and we hung out eating. We started drinking at noon, I’d brought the hard stuff to try and numb myself.

Hubby got back nearly six, I was already wasted. He wanted to sleep awhile to me to go to the festival and have fun.

Dorothy and I got dressed, I choose and smaller form-fitting dress and decided to for go bra and panties.

We danced for what seemed like hours, together with other people it didn’t matter. I rubbed my ass on so many people. My tits were out half the time flashing people. Guys constantly grabbed my ass getting handful of ass and pussy.

I’d spend time giving lap dances, girls or guys it didn’t matter. Rubbing my ass and pussy on random people was turning me on. Turning them on too, its hard not to feel guys cocks when your rubbing against them. Big, small and a couple huge.

Hubby had joined us finally, he enjoyed watch me give lap dances. I danced for this really young guy, eighteen or nineteen. He was very inexperienced, wearing swimming trunks; my pussy grinding his cock. He had a good size cock it gave me room for good long strokes. I saw it in his face first, then the throbbed of his cock between my lips. I’d just made him cum.