At about 10.30AM, Afzal the security guard of the Prestige twin towers rang the door bell of Umesh Jain’s flat on 9th floor after seeing Umesh Jain’s car leaving the apartment building parking lot. Meera Jain, the wife of Umesh Jain who had almost finished her bath, was about to dress up heard the door bell ring. She thought that her husband might have come back, quickly put on her nighty (Indian ladies night dress) without bothering to wear her inner wears and hurriedly came to the main door. Meera Jain opened the door and looked at the familiar 40 plus year old security guard standing at the door with question in her eyes.

Afzal looked at the 26 year old innocent young beautiful wife of Umesh Jain with lust in his eyes. Meera Jain was a hot sexy lady in the entire apartment block, fair coloured with 34C boobs, slim waist, 36 round ass and well toned legs.
“What do you want,” Afzal came to his senses when he heard Meera’s voice.

“Mind if I come in for a moment Madam, I need to show you a video,” Afzal said with a straight voice even though he was shivering in fear as he didn’t know how she was going to react what he was going to show to her and what he was going to ask her.

The Meera innocently allowed him in and asked,” What do you want to show me.”

Afzal pushed the front door with his legs and fibbled with his mobile key pad and when the video came on screen he was searching for, he held the mobile screen to Meera.

Meera Jain unsuspecting looked at his mobile screen with curiosity, but was aghast on seeing her bathing nude video in her bathroom on the screen. She looked at him with anger and fear in her eyes and shouted at him,” Bastard..why did you my video? Wait let me call my husband right now.”

Saying she was about to go to her room to fetch her mobile but stopped when she heard the security guard.
“Ok call your husband Madam, before he calls the police, your nude bathing videos will be all over the internet and in all porn websites titled, I have lots of videos of yours like these in my mobile.” Hot young wife bathing nude”…do you want me to do that.” Afzal said with sarcasm in his tone.

Few days back around 8PM in the night, Afzal was searching for a quiet place to smoke a cigarette, and he was in a corner of a waste water duct and he saw light from one of the bathroom. Curiously he peeped in the bathroom and saw Meera taking her bath in nude. She was young woman with a sexy body unlike his fat old wife of his in his native in West Bengal. Meera had the habit of taking bath in the evenings to be fresh for her husband. Afzal quickly opened his mobile camera and began filming the young lady taking bath while he was enjoying himself her beauty. As he was always on night shift, this became his every day routine of peeping into Meera’s bathroom and to take videos of her. He was staying alone in Bangalore with his wife and k**s in a rural village in West Bengal. Afzal was a sex starved man and was quenching his thirst by masturbating watching the young Meera taking bath. He had booked a train ticket to go his native the next night, and before going back he wanted to enjoy the lady whom he had been fantasizing. He had come prepared for everything today as he knew he won’t be coming back to Bangalore again.