Seduction by CarolThis is fiction – that means IT NEVER HAPPENED – but I sure wish it had, hope you enjoy. See note at the end about the source for these beautiful pictures.

I will begin with a quotation from the movie “Christmas Story” in which Ralphie spoke of his father in this way. “My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.”

I will change that now rather famous line to the following: “Carol works in seduction the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It is her true medium, a master.” I know a strange way to start this story but it is a fact and once you read this you will understand completely.

I stopped at a bar on the way home last week. I had never been in the place but it was a typical dark interior with what I guessed were regulars lined up along the bar. I took a stool near the center and ordered a beer without feeling the need to be chatty or greet everyone around. It just seemed that sort of place.

The bartender was a young woman. She was probably middle 30’s with a winning smile and ample cleavage that begged for a tip as she slid a beer my way. As she did it allowed me to feast on her breasts being pushed up out of her top with a bright red push up bra. The color of the bra showed through the thin white top and as she served me I could see the edges of the lacey bra showing.

She smiled as did I and then she was off to another patron. The back bar was lined with bottles of liquor a few lighted signs, and a large mirror showing the tables behind me. It was while I took my first sip of beer that I saw her setting casually at a table behind me. She was wearing a denim shirt and the top two buttons were unfastened and I could clearly see more than cleavage in her reflection.

I guess my eyes were fixed on her reflection a little too long because I noticed her eyes were locked on mine. I felt my face redden knowing I was staring yet I wondered why I would be embarrassed. She obviously wanted guys to notice or why would she let her naked breast show so plainly. She smiled and I returned the smile knowing I was busted.

She glanced to either side of her table and then with a swift and deliberate move of her slender fingers she unfastened another button and pulled the shirt open to reveal her entire breast. The curve of her pert breast was seductive as was the hard nipple that begged for my lips and tongue. Of course I shifted on the stool as my cock rose to the occasion.

My eyes were fixed on her reflection as I imagined what it would be like to step back to her table and join her. I imagined I would move to her table and block her reflection from others as my hand would move across the table and cup that breast. I would feel the firm but soft flesh of her breast fill my hand and my thumb would capture that nipple feeling its rubbery texture as I looked into her eyes. She would smile and I would feel her hand on my leg as she moved to feel my erection begging her to take it out.