All of my stories are based on events that I’ve actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It’s your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! However, all stories are shared with one simple motivation, in hopes that you will find pleasure while reading them. With that being said…happy reading!

So far, the summer had been long, hot and boring. At the time, I was 21 years old and living in the southern part of Colorado. Having moved away from my parents a year before, I wasn’t able to visit them very often. It was good to hear my mom’s voice when she called that evening. The reason she was calling was to tell me that my grandparents were going to be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in a couple of weeks and she wanted to know if I could get off work and go with her and my dad to Texas. Most of our relatives were going to be there, so it was turning into a giant family reunion.

Looking for any excuse to get away from this little one-horse town I was living in, I said of course! My parents lived further north so they chose a route that would take them through my little town and picked me up on their way through. It was about a 13-hour drive and it was already 8 o’clock in the evening. We decided to just switch off driving through the night and that would put us at Grandma’s house around 10 o’clock the next morning by the time we allowed for the different time zones. After a long night, we finally reached our destination and were greeted by my grandparents and my aunt and uncle from California, who had arrived the night before. We were all bunking at grandma’s little house.

After everyone finished hugging each other we all sat down in the living room so we could visit. A few minutes into the conversations, a teenage girl came out of the bathroom and stood in the doorway to the living room. I was knocked off my guard by how cute she was and mumbled a lame “Hi” to her. At first, I wasn’t sure who she was. She obviously was a member of the family. Then I put two and two together, Aunt plus Uncle equals C*usin. DUH! She was my little c*usin Amy, who I hadn’t seen since she was probably four! However, she wasn’t four anymore, and she CERTAINLY wasn’t little!

Seduction of My First C*usin - Part 1
Standing about five foot four and only f**rteen, she had long, straight, light brunette hair with blonde highlights that reached the middle of her back. It was wet and she was running a comb through it. She had beautiful green eyes and a wonderful smile. She was wearing a little white tee shirt that had thin, spaghetti shoulder straps and was cropped short above her navel. And since she was from Anaheim, it wasn’t surprising that her little shirt had a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. The highlight of her outfit was her short leather skirt. Did I mention that it was short? In case I didn’t, it was short…. really short. It showcased her long, smooth, shapely, and flawless legs which were supported by the cutest little bare feet I had ever seen. As my eyes scanned back up her body, my cock started to grow. “What was this?” I thought. She was my c*usin for crying out loud!