Seductive Aunt , Cuckold Uncle & Me

my aunt by marriage was alway hot. She married my rich uncle. She was big titted. Kinda slutty & the hottest woman he ever had. She was a fun woman at family events and parties. One time they invited me to hangout at their home after a family party. This was an incredible night that turned into me and my aunt fucking after my uncle begged me to fuck her & trying to even pay me.

We get back to their place, Aunt Sarah told uncle David, hunny get us some drinks. Me and her chat for a few moments before he comes back with three glasses & a bottle of wine. He pours us three glasses & hands me one. We get into conversation & continue to chat. At one point there was a brief pause & Aunt Sarah asks “So you have a girlfriend?” I looked back & said no not at the moment. She replied back damn that’s a shame young girls haven’t locked you up yet. Ohh well their loss. Sips her wine & winks over. I chuckle & blush. I was wondering if she was saying that politely or flirtatiously. But I didn’t make much of it until later in the night

He got up and left the room. She slid over toward me on the couch. She leans over & spills wine on my pants. She yells oops. I leaned forward and my pants were drenched and some even landed on my shirt. She yells out “David”. He returns and says can you get your nephew some shorts & A shirt. He says “Yes dear.” and runs upstairs. She says go in the bathroom we’ll get you some clothes. I head to the bathroom. Sit down and remove my pants and shirt. With a very light knock Sarah says hello, opens the door slowly holding a tight shirt and short men’s shorts. I say thank you while in my underwear. She quickly looks down and notices my underwear are wet too. She looks back at me and smiles before walking out closing the door. After she left I removed the wet underwear and put on the short shorts and the shirt before leaving the bathroom. I was greeted by them two sitting back in the living room.

I walk back into the living room. She Is sitting on the larger couch & he is sitting on the shorter couch. I go back and sit with her. She notices I didn’t have much of my wine & asks would if I would like something else to drink? I said I don’t know & she smirked & says tequila shots? I say sure. My uncle gets up & heads to the kitchen. She says make 6 doubles. He nods a few short minutes later he comes back with 6 shot glasses & a bottle of patron. He pours out the 6 shots. We take one. After another minute she says another and I all take two double shots of tequila each