Hi my name is Sam and being a devoted granny lover and fucker since I was 14, I decided to retrain as a care home worker when I was 50 in the belief that I would have a ready supply of old ladies to play with. And I wasn’t wrong.
The place I preferred the best was private and expensive that catered for rich old biddies who were still fairly healthy but their families had dumped them, never came to visit, and waited for their inheritance. Shits, the lot of them. So, I took it upon myself to keep them very happy.
From the first day on the job I ensured that my dick caught the ladies’ eyes. I am blessed by the fact that whereas the majority of guys cocks were quite small when flaccid my was nice and large – five inches. It only expanded 2inches when I got a hard on. So, I was proud to show it off by wearing my uniform trousers slightly too tight and no underwear.

Now not all the ladies were what you would call ‘up for it’ but there were enough. My first was Janet. She was in her late seventies, pretty and nice and plump with nice big titties. And she made it plain that she was interested in extra activities when she complained of back pain and asked me to give her a massage.
Arriving in her well-appointed suite of rooms, she wore a simple nightgown that was see through and quite short. Her very pendulous tits were lovely and her erect nipples looked very suckable. And from what I could see, her soft fat dimpled legs were covered in cellulite.
‘Oh, Sam, please come in. I’m sorry to ask you to do this, but the masseuse they have here just doesn’t do it for me. My back is so painful, I really need a deep relaxing massage. Can you do that for me sweetie? Now where would you like me?
I confirmed to her that I was up for the job and could help her so I suggested she lay face down on the big double bed. As she did so I asked her to take down the top half of her night dress. I noticed that not only did she do that but also hoiked up the bottom half saying, ‘would it be ok if you did my thighs and legs at the same time?
‘That would be fine, Janet but I must warn you that massaging such a lovely lady like you I might get carried away’.
By now, I had a full blown hard on and pre cum was clearly showing.
‘Oh, that’s lovely. It’s been such a long time since a man has said that to me, Sam. Please continue and don’t hold back. In fact, why not take off those tight trousers and give your cock some air’.
With my john Thomas standing to attention, I got some body lotion from her bedside table and rubbing to get it warm, I straddled her and began to give back a good seeing too. Then with more cream I moved down to her buttocks
My first touch made Janet gasp softly, but I knew she was aching to have the cheeks of her shithole thoroughly worked over. The oil that now entirely covered her flabby and crinkled backside made her glisten.