Sex at the Comic Con.

This is not a comic con here but a huge fan gathering where anime, manga, fantasy, sci-fi, video games and comic book enthusiasts and lovers can spend time. You can’t miss the cosplay. This was the case with my ex girlfriend at such an event.
I have to add that it is crazy sexy today in this costume as well.
She was the character of Mera from Aquaman. I was in Superman cosplay. It’s a bit of a design of its own, but similar to the Superman dress seen on the CW channel’s Supergirl series.

We held hands until we saw the then ex boyfriend of my ex girlfriend. He was not jealous but wanted to show how much we love each other. So we hugged each other and started kissing. He probably would have seen him because by the time we looked at him, he wasn’t around anymore.
– Don’t you want to continue? – The lady said.
– How I wish. I love you, you’re beautiful and sexy in this dress.
We searched for a dark corner and continued smirking. My hands went down between my legs, smooth on his stomach. Meanwhile, I kissed her neck. I kissed more and more as I stroked her pussy. I sucked her neck and she was enjoying and moaning more and more. Then he started stroking my penis, which was already a tape recorder. I tried to cover it up because there are still people around us. We decided to go to the bathroom. We stopped at the doors and had to decide which one we went to. After five minutes, he grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom. It was empty. No one anywhere. We went into a booth, closed it and started smoking again. By then my dick was stark and hard. The dress was already out. I seemed to wish for his body but very much. We pulled off the Mera dress and the delicate breasts were revealed. The nipples were chimneys and stared ahead. My clothes have a zipper so it’s easy to pull off and take out my dick. While I was breastfeeding, she was beating my cock. We panted loudly and enjoyed the thing. We tried to keep quiet, but not always. At times, a few people came in to pee so we heard what I was saying. Once upon a time there was a group of friends talking about us.
– You got that girl out there. Bitch looks good. Fuck.
– It’s incredible he’s with that Superman guy.
– That Mera stuff is very beneficial. Her breasts are beautiful.
My girlfriend just looked at me and smiled. Until he leaned in and smiled he started sucking my penis. She was sensual. He licked my glans slightly, licking his side. Over time, he knelt down and sucked my dick.
– do you have a condom? asked
– No … in this dress?
“It’s not always my problem.” He grinned and pulled the rubber out of his boots.
“You were preparing for this.” I replied
He took it in his mouth, opened it, and pulled it against my cock.
He leaned on the closed toilet and pulled the costume down. Her buttocks are tight and fucked.
-Come on and put it on. Fuck me.
I inserted it and started fucking it. Slowly I pushed my cock deeper and deeper. The moaned. I grabbed her red hair and started pulling. He moaned loudly. And suddenly they knocked on us.
-Oh, that’s it, just hard.
I started to fuck her faster, she just groaned.
-Oh … my god, that’s good, please fuck me more … -She said between cheeky groans.
I felt for a long time I can’t hold it anymore. I pulled my dick out of her pussy. He knelt down while I pulled the condom off my dick. She grabbed her by hand and helped me by hand. He opened his mouth and waited for the dick. And then I enjoyed it. With a big shot I fired the semen into her hair and then let the rest in her face and mouth. He licked it a bit and put it in his mouth. We wiped ourselves and his hair. Finally we got out of the bathroom. On the way out, his ex-boyfriend and us were faced with big surprised eyes. We just smiled and went on. 🙂sex at the Comic Consex at the Comic Con 2sex at the Comic Con 3sex at the Comic Con 4sex at the Comic Con 5sex at the Comic Con 6sex at the Comic Con 7sex at the Comic Con 8sex at the Comic Con 9sex at the Comic Con 10sex at the Comic Con 11sex at the Comic Con 12sex at the Comic Con 13sex at the Comic Con 14sex at the Comic Con 15sex at the Comic Con 16sex at the Comic Con 17sex at the Comic Con 18sex at the Comic Con 19sex at the Comic Con 20sex at the Comic Con 21sex at the Comic Con 22sex at the Comic Con 23sex at the Comic Con 24sex at the Comic Con 25sex at the Comic Con 26