Carol spent the next several days mostly fucking Mary and Lee. It was, in her mind, great therapy. But she was missing Zach and could not wait for him to arrive. She called him to prepare him for what was happening with her and her sister and brother and that he might become part of the fun if he was interested.

Friday evening finally arrived and Zach knocked on the door. He was not sure he really wanted to be there. He was so enamored with his mother that really mixing it up with others was not his thing. He wanted to take her away for the rest of the weekend. He told her so and she smiled with a mix of love and pride and passion for him that seemed to be growing day by day as they spent time together. She had to admit that, deep down, she felt the same way. After the usual greetings, he had dinner with his mother, aunt and uncle and they enjoyed an evening talking through the past few years and filled in the gaps of all that had happened since the last time they had seen each other. Zach found it all rather tedious and just wanted to go to bed with the one he loved. At one point in the evening, he saw his mother give Mary a slight shake of the head as if to indicate that their plans were not going anywhere that night. Fortunately, both Mary and Lee were not the pushy type and even understood, so nothing was suggested that evening.

Carol and Zach went upstairs to bed for the night. They had gone a week without seeing each other and that had been the longest stretch of time apart that either could ever remember. It certainly was the longest stretch they had gone without fucking each other since they had started their affair.

As soon as they shut the door and Carol turned the lock, Zach took her by the arm and pulled her close to him, wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss that weakened her in the knees. He wasted no time removing her clothes until she was totally naked. Then, still fully dressed himself, he took her close and kissed her deeply again. He removed his shirt to reveal his muscular, lean chest and abdomen, then lifted her up and placed her on her back on the bed. He finished undressing himself and quickly moved into position to enter her without further pretense. His desire for her had him on fire and time was of the essence. Carol was overwhelmed by his passion and spread her legs quickly for him, now wanting him as much as he wanted her. His long, thick cock was as stiff as a steel rod and she grabbed his shaft and guided him to her pussy opening and practically pulled him into her.

She was wet and hot and his cock slid in as easily as a thick cock could enter anything and in one slow, but persistent stroke, his cock was as deep as it could go. Carol let out an audible gasp of relief that her man was finally in her where he belongs and his presence inside her stoked the fire in her already threatening to burn out of control. She was so in tune with her body that she could feel every inch of him sliding into her. She could feel his cock touch every nerve in her pussy walls on its way to her womb. Zach could feel every fold, soft firm ridge and all the warmth of her pussy as his cock plumbed deeper and deeper.