Now I know what attracts some young men to caring professions.

They might give you all that guff about wanting to help old people, but the true of the matter is that a lot of these so-called carers have the hots about old women. Here is an example of what I mean.

One guy called Jason, told me that as a man, he could only care for old couples as it was not the done thing for men to care for old ladies on their own.

‘In their stupidity they thought the hubby would keep an eye on things. Little did they know that it was often the hubby who enjoyed watching me play with their wives’.
Jason had freely admitted to the fact that he preferred old ladies. I just love their wrinkles, droopy tits and bellies and once having gained their trust, their enthusiasm for sex, which I might add they probably have not had for a very long time. I did not start out with the intention of doing anything. It just happened’

His first such encounter was with Ted and Doris. In the mornings, a female carer dress Doris, and he came later to dress Ted and then give them breakfast.
On day, as they sat down to breakfast, Doris, asked if he could help her go to the toilet as she was desperate to pee.
‘I’m so sorry Jason, but I couldn’t do it earlier with Jill, I know it is not policy, but I don’t want to pee myself. Would you be a dear and help me, please?’

‘She looked in despair so I agreed – in thSex with old couplese toilet, I lifted up her dress and was surprised to see she had no knickers on’.
‘Did you forget to put on knickers, Doris?’
‘Now, don’t be nosey, Jason, just help me down’

Sitting with her fat wrinkled thighs well apart, she said, Jill normally opens me. Just pull my lips apart will you’.
Putting his hand on her fanny and pulling her fat labia lips apart, he saw her very thick clit and with all the will in the world could not resist, putting his thumb on it, thinking she would not notice.

‘Now, there’s a good boy’ she said as she pissed away. After the last trickle, and as he wiped her and she said, ‘Oh that’s nice, just keep going’.
He knew exactly what she wanted and started playing with her clit. ‘Oh Jason, you are such a caring young man, keep it up, I’ll cum soon. Ohhh yes, stick you fingers right up there.’
‘Oh fuck, I’m cumming’ she moaned as she slumped into his body’.

‘I wondered how long, the dirty old cow, would hold out before she seduced you, you horny fucker’ said Ted who had been a spectator to the whole thing’.
Lifting Doris off the toilet, Jason turned to him and trying to hide his erection in fear of Ted, instead, Ted was smiling.
‘Well done, lad, she has been planning that for weeks but wasn’t sure if you would take the bait. But as it seems you like old birds, so why not take her to bed and fuck her whilst I watch’.