Sex & My Women (A Study)Women are ideally designed for sex except for the connection between their pussy and brain. It seems that this connection has been modified by various entities for various purposes none of which have been to the benefit of sex. It is most probable that female “animals” originally participated sexually in accordance with how other animals around them performed the sexual act, female on all fours, the male inserting his cock into the females pussy from behind as horses, cows, orangutangs, etc. do today. Why this position has changed is only for conjecture but most likely via religious reasons. My 80+ years of experience only allows me to postulate how and/or why woman’s sexual attitude has progressed or digressed over the years.

The design of a females pussy really has not changed over time but their attitudes definitely have. Their pussy is designed such that they can receive a cock of any dimension; long, short, fat, thin – due to it’s flexible nature. Physical changes are made thru necessary surgery, i.e. hysterectomies, etc. My lady has had such surgery and the result was a major change in the depth of her vagina thus allowing cocks much longer than mine to enter her pussy comfortably. This change has only increased her desire to possess large cocks, not only longer but also larger in diameter. Of course, the vagina has always been able to expand in diameter, much larger then the normal human male cock , i.e. in child birth.

My woman’s attitude towards sex? This has changed immensely in our 57 years. These attitudes have changed greatly due to the development of birth control methods and education. Also, the advancement of sterilization in men, i.e. vasectomies, have helped attitudes. Condoms have been available for along , long time but I’m not sure that women felt that they were very safe, again a reason why woman’s attitude toward sex has so slowly changed – safer condoms? I have never used a condom.

My major concern regarding woman’s attitude toward sex has been primarily the attitudes implanted in their brains, i.e. sex is bad, sex is naughty, sex is only for creation, and many , many more attitudes I am unaware of. All of these have detached their brains from their pussy’s.

In my woman’s and my 57 years of marriage, my woman’s attitudes have changed immensely. From the time we met, were engaged and married, she had almost NO interest in sex. This lack of interest in sex lasted our first 30 years of marriage. However, our first child was born 11 months after our marriage, resulting from me attacking my woman as she walked thru the door of our home, she returning 350 miles across the state where she was finishing her last year of college. Things stayed pretty much the same, our sex being even more complicated by a child, until our second child was born 3 years after number one, this second child being “planned”. Of course, child number two further complicated our sex life – what sex life ? Eighteen months later, our third “accident” happened, all three my the fault, my sexual addiction.