Shawna had had a rough month. Her job as a secretary had gone due to the pandemic and new positions were very hard to come by- firms simply weren’t hiring. Bills and rent were piling up and the savings she had put aside were dwindling fast.

At her old job Shawna had been well respected and seen as maybe a little dull. She was a quiet person who wore cardigans and rimless spectacles. No one really ever thought of her as a sexual being.

But appearances are deceptive. What no one knew was that her hidden obsession was with sucking cock and, occasionally, eating out other women. With few money-making prospects on the horizon she began to think increasingly of the oldest profession. Casting videos and porn were one option but too uncertain, and took too long to get paid. Plus being on the internet covered in sperm or on the cover of a blowjobs DVD wasn’t great for her other CV.

Shawna had a friend who worked for an escort agency. Vanessa was a pretty and plump blonde who had been working on and off for a guy called Tyler for a while. Tyler ran a firm with a changing cast of 7-8 women and a couple of gay men. To Shawna’s amusement her friend was listed as a face sitting specialist and was also available for lesbian clients. Shawna’s clit twitched a little seeing Vanessa on the website’s private galleries, her eyes closed and mouth open, being furiously licked out by a younger woman whose face was pixellated.

Vanessa made the introduction over a quick coffee at the agency. “Tyler, this is Shawna who I was telling you about. She is interested in maybe working here. Well, this is your business and I have a client in an hour, so I’ll leave you to it.” With a half wave, the tracksuited Vanessa left the two in a cramped, windowless office behind the reception area. Tyler had CCTV for all the rooms. He saw Shawna looking at them. “Don’t worry, we don’t record. Just keeping an eye on things.”

”So,” continued the manager, “what brings you to us?”

Shawna swallowed nervously. In a quiet voice she said, “I am unemployed and running out of cash. I lost my job because of COVID. I have thought about working somewhere like here before, but never needed to…until now.”

Tyler nodded understandingly. “That’s fine,” he said. “But I’m not so interested in why you need money, but whether you can do the job. We have a good reputation with our clients. Have you a lot of sex experience? Can you put on a good face even when you don’t feel like it? What can you bring with you to the job that will help us?”

Shawna sensed Tyler’s doubts about her. “Well,” she began to reply, “ I am very open minded and really enjoy fellatio…” but her answer was cut short by Tyler’s cell buzzing. Exasperated, the manager answered. “Ah, hi Mr. Williams,” he said, simultaneously making a face at Shawna. “What’s that …what, you need someone now? But our first girls aren’t in yet, there’s only Vanessa and she’s booked….what? Yes Mr. W I hear you and I don’t want to disappoint you….yes, I will…hang on a moment there please, “ he finished abruptly, pressing mute on the phone.