She had 5 harsh years to look forward to.Prisoner 381, 5 Years in harsh bondage and being used as a fuck toy, is all she has to look forward to…

Erin craned her neck to try and see what was happening in the horrible dusty courtyard outside her little cell window. Her tiny cell, her ghastly home now, was a dark little place which only reinforced the true despicable nature of the nightmare she was living.

She could hear female screams and begging in English. The mainly Spanish speaking guards laughing and taunting some new arrival in their thickly accented English. Erin shuddered and tried to relax her trapped arms in the chains behind her back. She knew what that girl was about to go through and felt immensely sorry for her.

Erin had been in this, so called prison, for almost 6 weeks now. A stretch of humiliating day upon day horror, that felt like a life time. She just hoped to god she could survive the soul breaking five year sentence she had been given.

She dragged her left foot around, hindered by the permanent 10lb cast iron weight locked to it and began to sob again. Leaning against the wall, her sore arms chained painfully up behind her, she closed her eyes as she heard the deep frenzied grunts of the guards outside. The now gagged moans of some poor girl being viciously violated, sounding like they were right under her miniscule window.

Erin shuddered and began thinking back to that fateful day, that had cast her into this hell hole. When she had been dragged into the almost empty court room, of the tiny South American country she was back packing through. Her naive thinking being, that she could apologize, and that she would just have to pay a fine.

Almost 6 weeks ago…

The few grams of weed she had stashed in her backpack, had been of little concern to Erin. That was until a lecherous looking local police officer had stopped her, handcuffed her and then searched her backpack. His frisking of her, as he had her bent over his rusting beat up police car, making her shiver in fear.

His searching, fondling and groping of her young curvy, yet fit body, bordering on utter ****. His long fingers probing into places that she had not let many a boy even explore yet. His hard dick, pushing threateningly into the soft skin of her thinly covered hips and ass, as he bent her over the hot sun heated hood of the car and muttered in accented english.

“You have nice, nice body. You be fine one to tie up and put in our prison..”

Tossed into the back seat of the stifling and smelly police car, she was to be carted immediately off to the local court room. Lying in the back seat confused, anxious and utterly scared, she missed hearing the police officer outside the car radio ahead and state plainly, “We have hot little American slut, with good, good ass, ready to fuck with sir!……Yes senor..I know. ….Si.. no fucking her until we have her trial!”