I’ve known her for a long time, around 9-10 years. Her name was Marie (name changed). She was tall, athletic, thin and had very light, almost white skin. Her brunette hair was only slightly longer than shoulder length. There was something about her, something that few had. A kind of aura, a feeling you had when she walked into the room. It was not so much what she said, no, she said very little. It was simply her presence that made you fascinate, even at this age. Back then we were actually always in the same class from high school to high school. Anyway, this story is about the 9th grade. Back then it was a tradition to go to the ski camp in this grade.

That was somewhere in nowhere in Austria, and accordingly everyone was in winter clothes. All but one. She. Well not quite. Of course she had black winter boots (which will be important) – they were made of black, dark leather, not really high, maybe a little higher than the ankles. Black rubber sole and inside with white fur (imitation).
I had been fascinated by these boots all winter long, not only because they had belonged to Marie, no, also because they looked really really cool and she always combined them with rather tight pants and leggings, which the boots had always highlighted.

There was also another girl, Tamara (name changed), she was also quite quiet in the back row of the class, but she too had incredibly cool boots, this time light brown from “Young Spirit”, two straps crossed at the front and about halfway up.

But back to the topic. So we were in Austria in this hotel, which was generally pretty shabby, but well, it wasn’t a wellness temple and nobody wanted that.

Before we went skiing every day, of course, we had to change in the hotel.
The space for this was basically the basement, a bench on the wall and the rest of the room full of ski racks, about 4-5 rows. A small light bulb without a socket on the ceiling – in short, you saw next to nothing, actually you could only guess where what was.

In addition, this room was not connected to the hotel and you had to go several meters out of the hotel through the snow to get in there.

That of course meant that the girls were wearing their boots.

This is also the case on the first day before we set off for the slopes. Both girls had their boots on and went to the locker room. I just joined them, small talk, and strategically sat next to her so I could watch.

How she first opened the zipper on the side of the left shoe and then the right one before sliding out of the shoe.
Her pink socks rolled up and got stuck in the shoe. I almost exploded with pleasure when the boot fell to the floor and she slowly put the sock back on.