Sidney and Rocky

A Trans/Dick Gurl sexy, erotic love story. Flashing, Up skirts, Multiple Partners, Older/Younger, Fisting and Kinky Sex.

They had stored their belongings in a Bus Station locker and were now in a small City Park checking and packing their hiking gear. Sid and Rock had met 2 months earlier in a Homeless Shelter. Rock only 21 had been recently released after serving 18 months on a d**g possession charge. Sid, a very passable Trans/Dick Girl and former food service cook had become homeless after the virus closed her job. She was 30, 5ft 5in tall, averagely pretty, slim, dark haired with small tits. Rock towered above her at 6ft 3in, muscular from weight lifting in prison and ruggedly handsome, they were platonic friends. Dealing with the virus had been challenging but the approaching 2 possible hurricanes inspired them to hike inland.

While Laura and Marco were still in the tropics, they started hiking figuring they needed to be 50 miles inland to avoid flooding and storm surge. Rock carried a large Military Style Back Pack with their clothing, cooking/sleeping gear, and tent while Sid carried prepackaged trail food and Rain Gear. They rode a cab to the city limits, walked 3 miles then were picked up by a passing Farmer and taken 5 miles when he dropped them off. Walking an additional 2 miles, being ahead of their schedule, they hiked into the forest from any prying eyes then set up camp.

It was only 2pm as they ate a late trail lunch. Sid laughed as he brought out a small 6in color TV plugged it and their cell phones into a small Solar panel. It was on antenna but they had entertainment and news. Rock glimpsed a view of her well filled crotch panel beneath her hiking skirt as they chatted. Sid teased him after catching him, “get use to it, you’ve never seen me in pants, I don’t wear them. I left anything male like when I transitioned”. He grinned “Winter time”, she giggled “Tights and Leggings”. After a few minutes, she rolled on her knees, spread a blanket then laid on it resting her head on her back pack watching the weather report. “Damn”, Rock grunted hearing the showers would start tomorrow. Sid replied “did you get a good look? I mean the sooner we get that out of the way the better. I won’t always be lady like hiking”? Rock laughed loudly saying “yeah, I did”, she chuckled “well, you know whats under them so it’s not a big deal”. More minutes passed, he asked “ I don’t know much so I’ll just ask. Does it still work”?

Sid laughed until she cried then replied “yes, almost too much! I don’t use it but one of the side effects from the early transitioning d**gs makes me over productive”. Rock snickered “meaning”, she covered her face replying “I need to knock it down several times daily, so if I slip away”. he giggled. “Boyfriends or girlfriends”, Rock asked? Sidney grinned “full of questions, but boyfriends”. They were mostly short term because I over fed them. If they had a need, they had to feed and my needs were greater than theirs”. They chatted until night fell and she slipped away then came back, he asked “better”, she laughed “yes lord, by this time of day I’ve usually had 6-8 releases”. Rock laughed, she added “now you understand being over fed”. In their separate sleeping bags they chatted late into the night.