Sissy A Flame -From the Bitchmaker Chronicles

1st off, this is a story for sissies everywhere who adore and worship big black cock. If you can’t hang with that shit, move the fuck on.
2nd. I’ve tinkered with these events to protect the innocent, the not so innocent, and definitely the guilty. These stories are a blend of fiction, intermingled with actual experiences to present the powerful energies that connect dominant Nubian / Black alpha males with totally sissy, beta, omega, fem, transgender, and all those who submit to the adoration of black manliness which I call ‘The Blackness’. With that said.
3rd. I am a Bitchmaker, or in other words, I seek out sissies like you. I routinely break you down, breed you and seed you, then turn your ass out. I warn you sissies str8-up, I can smell you, I can feel the energy signals you send out, I receive those signals and return it with a powerful answer that will seduce, lure and captivate you with my sheer male dominance. I’m 6-foot even, 200 Lbs. of hard muscular manhood, with a 9” thick vascular spear between my legs ready to do work. I pump heavy iron and keep my body hard and not just to stay in shape while I track you down. It’s also because male physical eye-candy is irresistible for most of you and besides, I love the attention.
I don’t give a fuck about your opinion, lifestyle, your financial or marital status, education level, or whatever the fuck you are, be warned If you run across me you are very vulnerable. If I want you, I will hunt you down like a predator and put you to the dick and I never have to use a weapon (other than my hard-black flesh spear), or threats of v******e.
4th. My ultimate goal is your admission through submission to your hunger for big black cock and the hot potent white sperm it ejaculates and eventually will lead to your addiction to hard black vascular flesh which may or may not lead to hormone therapy, breast and booty implants, but let’s not get it twisted here. I’m not out to harm or distress sissies. I consider myself as more of a sissy liberator, better still, I release the sissy from the restrictions and chains of societal, religious, political programming that imprisons and causes them to suppress who they really are. I simply draw the sissy out into the open, revealing their true-selves to themselves, thusly freeing them to live their lives as they were born to be, which is between the legs of a big dick black man. Finally, I warn all you sissies, and those who fancy a big black dick, beware and watch your ass, cause I will be as well.

I first saw him when he entered the main gym with a gorgeously hot young lady by his side. Her body was hot and deeply tanned. At the time I was training a client, so that’s where my main focused lied, however, I couldn’t help stealing a peek at this sweet piece of juicy fruit. The couple made their way over to the Smith-Machines. That’s when I overheard him as he bragged about his workout regimen, and how he was in great shape and I must admit, he had a very nice swimmer’s physique. They both wore athletic running tights leggings and to my surprise, this guy’s waist and lower body nearly rivaled hers. I occasionally glanced up to get a better look at her and caught him taking a closer look at me.
I had on a pair of camouflage military green jogging pants, and a solid white polo shirt with the gyms symbol on the pocket.
I escorted my client to another area when suddenly I hear someone cry for help. I turn and see this guy’s trapped beneath 180 pounds of plates loaded on a barbell. I rushed over and assisted the young lady to lift and place the weight back on the bench rack.
She smiled warmly as she gently stroked my muscular arm and thanked me. I felt a connection but whatever feeling was there quickly dissipated when she addressed her companion.
“Wow, I can’t believe it, I caught a cramp in leg. Thanks man” he shook my hand.
“No problem,” I nodded and smiled, fully aware it was a bullshit move to save whatever face he had left. I could tell his expression of gratitude was superficial more than anything and although his excuse was plausible to the untrained eye, I could see there was just a hint of envy, possibly jealousy and definitely humiliation for being shown up in front of this sexy lady. That became clear after she smiled, thanked me once more, glanced over at her partner, spun on her heels, and stated coldly. “Let’s go.”
I watched this fool as he trotted after her like a wounded puppy. I had to chuckle at how pathetic this guy looked. About two weeks later, the same time, same place, and I’m instructing the same client when this same guy calls out to me. I thrust a finger in his face, as if to say, hold that thought. Once my client finished his set, I set him up on the Smith Machine to do some squats. I called the guy over and he said he wanted to speak to me. I deliberately made him wait until I finished training my client before I allowed him to approach me, just to see if he would acquiesce to my demand. I escorted my client to the treadmill before I turned to address this guy.
He said his name was Martin Maccoby and he worked for an investment firm. The hot lady was a prospective client who interested in having his firm launch a marketing strategy for a new line of gym gear. I stood with my arms folded across my hard-muscular chest covered by a black tight-fitting T-shirt, with charcoal grey jogging pants. He had on a pair of black with red-trimmed running tights and matching tank-top. I wanted to laugh in his face after he told me the young lady decided to look to another firm to handle her marketing, but I just let it ramble. He continuously thanks me. I detected a slight English accent and asked where he was from and he said the UK. He goes on this long verbal diatribe as if to convince me of his lame excuse. For the most part, I ignored him until he asked could I give him a few weightlifting tips.
I gave my full attention to the platinum blonde-haired, small-framed guy with Romanesque facial features, and light blue eyes and at that moment, I knew this guy was a Bitch in Waiting, or as I like to say, a ‘BIW’. Finally, I extend and shook his hand, I could feel the weakness in his grip and knew he dialed by his strength in respect to that of mine. This guy definitely had a lot of bitch in him and with just the thought, my big black cock twitched. I moved a little closer as I stated harshly. I deliberately flexed my muscles and flaunted my superior masculinity over him. His eyes lingered on my larger hand and that confirmed my suspicion. This guy was most definitely a ‘BIW’.
“Listen, man, you want a tip, well start here.” I pointed a finger into his chest as I spoke. “Know your limitations. You were just showing off. Judging from your physique, I can see you work out often, so I won’t challenge that, but either you haven’t in a long time, or you’re used to working with lighter weights. Either way, when you’re trying to impress someone, stick with light weights, and here’s another thing. Respect the intelligence of someone you’re trying to bullshit. Are you looking for a personal trainer?”
He said no, and that while he used to work out often, his work schedule was just too chaotic to find time to hit the gym.
“So, you knew damn well, when you laid down on that bench you weren’t ready for that weight?” I challenged.
He tried to regurgitate the line of bullshit once again but this time I shut that shit down.
“Listen, man, I’m about to finish up with this client, you hang around and wait for me.”
“Well, I did have other plans.” He modestly stated, and I quickly fired back. “Cancel them.”
I glanced in one of the mirrors and caught sight of him as I escorted my client away as he stood there with this dumb look on his face. Once I finished with my client, I call the bitch over and had him follow me into the locker room. Once there, I seductively pulled my polo shirt up and over my head, and as I did so, I flexed the striated muscles of my upper and lower torso. This is a shrewd cunning tactic because it allows your prospective bitch to freely eye fuck you when they believe they can’t be seen. I then stripped out of my jogging pants and revealed my black and grey ‘Good Devil Briefs’ which also displayed my semi-erect cock which stretched the fabric of the undergarment. I heard him as he gasped beneath his breath and I knew he was under my spell. I flexed my straitened filled chest, laid my arm against a locker, and looked him in his blue eyes.
“Are you going to shower?” he asked as his eyes devoured my hardcore physique.
“Why, you wanna join me?” I quickly fired back.
He threw his hand over his mouth as he blushed then waved both his hands. “Oh, no, I was just asking because you just finished working out.”
“I didn’t break a sweat. I work out alone, my clients can’t hang with me for the most part, that’s why they’re clients. Besides, I rarely take showers here. I’d rather take them at home. That outfit is required for the trainers who work at the gym. When I get home I’ll shower, you wanna watch me there?” I asked boldly and once again caught him completely off guard.
“Oh no, no…I think I’m giving you the wrong impression.” He emphatically stated while his clitty pressed against the fabric of his pants.
“What impression might that be,” I challenged as I quickly glanced about to see if anyone was paying close attention, then subtly slid my hand over my bulge and watched his eyes subtly followed.
“I don’t…I don’t swing that way. I’m not gay.”
“No, you’re Martin Maccoby…right?”
“Isn’t that the name your mother and father gave you?”
“So, don’t be so afraid of what some ignorant person might choose to label you. Do you still want those workout tips?”
“Yes please,” he answered.
“Alright, I’ll lay it out for you. You like protein shakes?”
“Yeah, I could use one about now.” He answered.
“Cool, let’s go then.”
“Where, to the juice bar?” He asked.
“Nah, I only drink that water down shit when I have to. Mine are much better, stiffer, and thicker, something you can savor. I have my own juice bar at my place.”
“Your place,” He repeated nervously.
“Is there a probably with that, are you afraid of me Martin?”
‘Uhh, no, no not at all.” He quickly replied.
“Good, then let’s go. I don’t live far from here. Did you drive here?”
“Yes, my car’s right out front.”
“Good deal, my car’s in the shop, I need a lift home anyway.
We got to my place and I immediately stripped off my blue jeans and black Napoliano casual traspirante Shirt.
“You sure love to show off your body.” He remarked.
“Why not, I busted my ass to get it, I may as well flaunt it.” I fired back as I adjusted my briefs to give him a full view of my big black cock imprisoned within its fabric cell.
I slid my hand lightly on his waist and guided them over to a counter in the kitchen. I could sense that as I did this, his resistance had weakened significantly since we left the gym. I quickly placed the blender on the counter as I gave him a few tips.
There was a long period of silence between us as I pretended not to notice how his eyes hungrily devoured my black hard flesh. Finally, he spoke up. “Can I ask you a personal question?”
“Speak your mind man.”
“Well, it’s not so much of a question but a general assessment. I can imagine that women find you irresistible.”
I laughed as I innocuously stroked my chiseled chest, continued to down my six-pack abdomen, and gripped my semi-hard cock. “Not as much as you might think because when I’m in that gym working out, I’m very disciplined, I’m intense, and I don’t fuck around.” I allowed myself to smile slyly as I concluded, “Of course, there are always exceptions to that rule. Sometimes, you have an opportunity to tap some hot ass and it just can’t wait, and when that happens, all bets are off. You have three choices, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry banana, but let me guess. You prefer chocolate?”
“Well, yes, it is my favorite. I’m not going to speculate how you guessed that.” He laughed nervously. I bet you prefer vanilla.” He cleverly countered.
“Yeah, I can tear some vanilla up!” I barked loudly as I freely glanced over at him.
I fixed our drinks and then I led him out on to the deck and the spacious backyard of my home. It was a hot but brisk sunny afternoon. The cool breeze was welcomed on my rich, shiny, dark skin.
I offered him a seat on a long wooden bench beneath a sun umbrella, I stretched out on nearby chaise lounge chair crossed my legs, fired up a Blunt took a puff, then a sip of my vanilla shake.
“Hey man, why don’t you relax and take those clothes off.” I declared.
“No, I really need to get back to work soon. I just wanted to try your shake.”
“So, how do you like it?”
“It’s delicious. The chocolate flavor is exceptionally strong.”
“As it should be.” I fired back.
“Remind me before you leave to give you a higher protein shot.”