Sissy Humiliation Training
by Derek Bowden

Sissy Humilation Training

Humiliation will only work if it is part of her decision to submit. It can’t be forced on her against her will and be expected to improve her self-image or have positive results. Humiliation training for a slave girl has many purposes. Sissy humiliation training is by its very nature, psychological humiliation. One of the primary reasons for using it is to force the sissy to push the “choice decision” she has made to obey her Master and be subject to his will. Care must be made to now push humiliation exercises beyond her consent or it would be worthless for training. Humiliation forces her to realize how deeply this decision is and how obedience is not always easy. In some cases, it can also provides positive reinforcement. For many there is great satisfaction and emotional release in undergoing and surviving humiliation training. It gives the sissy a sense of accomplishment and it can draw her nearer her Master emotionally.

Humiliation of a sissy can have a positive or negative psychological effect, so know your sissy and use caution. As her Master, you are responsible for her growth and development. It is simply another tool to use in her training. Some sissies have a strong negative and counter productive aberration to some techniques. Care should be taken to avoid emotionally or psychologically overload of the senses that can cause the slave to put up and emotional wall to protect the self. Humiliation is often used as part of discipline training, scene play, and punishment. Often verbal abuse is used to set the stage before punishment.

Humiliation training is not the same as the sissy being hurt and deeply humiliated by lies told to her or dishonesty. That is a whole new ballgame outside the scope of training discussed here. It is not BDSM but abuse. It will have a positive effect on the Master slave relationship where being hurt from lies and dishonest will certainly not. Forcing a sissy to suck your dick in a public place does not necessary destroy Master/sissy trust as would a lie or dishonesty. Yes, you can and should be intense but use common sense.

Sissy Humilation Training 2
Examples of slave humiliation training:
Act as objects (furniture, ashtray, footstool, art, etc.)
Address Dom’s as Sir, Ma’am, etc. – I don’t consider this slave training humiliation only good slave behavior
After sex, making sub lick off your cum and her juices from your penis – well for me it’s not humiliation
Age play.
Anal plug – Using an Anal plugs under her clothing. For some slave’s this is effective humiliation, and for others it is just fun or feels good.
Ask for drink, food, cigarettes, etc. – this is natural.
Bathroom use control – this is natural.
Blindfolds – by itself I don’t consider it slave training humiliation.
Bondage that exposes body and/or places in odd positions.
Boot worship at odd moments – this can be effective slave training humiliation if used in public.
Caged in private and alone.
Carrying a doll or toy around – can be effective slave training humiliation in public.
Crawl on all 4’s.
Cum or urinate into their food – effective humiliation for many.
Curse words (Whore, Slut, Worthless, etc.)
Dancing/stripped tease.
Displayed in cage.
Eat from a pet dish.
Eat from floor.
Eat without utensils.
Earrings that don’t match.
Eye contact restrictions.
Feed submissive from hand.
Foot worship.
Forced nudity(most slaves are keep nude at home.)
Forced masturbation where Master chooses in public places.
Forced shopping for BDSM toys.
Forced slave auction.
Forced to go to bathroom in front of others.
Golden shower.
Inspection of body cavities in private.
Inspection of body cavities in public.
Ignoring slave.
Handcuffs in public.
Handcuffed to a shopping cart while shopping.
Harem–serving with others.
Having food chosen for her.
Having clothing chosen for her.
Hold ping pong ball or coin against the wall with her nose while kneeling.
Human Garbage Can.
Lead on leash.
Leave bathroom door opened.
Leave note with embarrassing instructions.
Made to urinate in front of others.
Maid services.
Make sub wear underwear that you’ve urinated on.
Nipple clamps under see thru top.
Orgasm control and/or denial.
Pet roles (act like a dog, cat, etc.)
Presenting in private and public.
s**t play.
Send shopping with note and hand it to clerk.
Serve others (supervised or unsupervised).
Shave head.
Shave pubic hair(most slaves keep everything but head shaved.)
Slap face.
Slave positions (kneel, stand, etc.)
Spanking (public.)
Speech restriction.
Stand in corner.
Swallow urine.
Suck dildo in car, so others can see.
Take pictures or videos.
Tattoos (temporary.)
Verbal abuse.
Wear a cat collar with a bell on ankle in public.
Wear diapers.
Wear Masters cum on your face without wiping.
Wear no bra under see thru top.
Wear no panties under see thru clothes.
Wear collar everywhere.
Wear clothes that are ripped or mismatched.
Wear a sign around neck or write on body (slut, slave, etc.)
Undress in front of others.