Hello guys, I am Mistress S. and I own our little slave Franzi (https://xhamster.com/users/franzif84). You may have already seen her here and watched how she presented her tits so beautifully lascivious.

Slave Franzi is publicly humiliated here, our Franzi still looks innocent, isn’t she?

I. The task

Anyway, I recently had a good idea how our little Franzi could be made useful. Although she already gives zou deep insights as a waitress, I thought the restaurant could use a nice promotion. And why not abuse our little bitch Franzi or that matter! So I got a couple of flyers for our restaurant so that they could be well distributed among the people.

When I told her about the plan, Franzi found no offense at all. So she was standing with the flyers in the hallway and was about to leave when I whistled her back. I forgot to tell the little doggie that Franzi still has to fulfill a small constraint when distributing flyers, namely:

You do the whole thing NAKED! And until you get rid of the last flyer, zour not allowed to return. After all, the promotion is supposed to attract attention and I figured if we would send our Franzi naked through the streets for it, it would crank everything up.

So when I told her the new task she was standing petrified in the hallway. I bet our Franzi hadn’t expected that. She wanted to take a step back but after all she’s deaf like a stupid dog and well behaved.

So I ordered her to strip naked, which she did with reluctance. So now she was standing naked in the hallway and didn’t really know how it happened to her. She had never done anything like that. I gave her the flyer and opened the front door. “Let’s go, you naked bitch”!

At the beginning she was very shy and only walked very carefully towards the front door. Outside the sun was shining in broad daylight. To not give her the time to change her mind and to speed things up, I gave her a push and closed the front door behind us. So Franzi was now completely naked – except for a pair of pink high-heels that I allowed her to wear – and there was no going back now. The door was closed. The only way back for her was to do her job. Here we go!

II. On the way

At first she didn’t want to go from the front door to the entrance of the street. She was problably afraid, the neighbors would see her and she might be ashamed of her nudity. So much in advance: She probably no longer has this fear. In order to finally get the whole project going, I pinched the naked Franzi a few times firmly in her own buttocks and gave her several slaps on her bare ass so that the little fuck-piece was finally in motion. Franzi hesitantly took the first steps to the street. She looked cute and awkward doing her first steps. I went a little behind to be in the position to motivate her, if needed. Her butt was a little red from the palm of my hand and I have plain sight of her butt cheeks wiggling and waggling as she begins to walk.