Our dear slave becomes victim to those fighting to use him.

Rogarth held Daemon. He held Daemon with his arms grabbed and arrested him by his coarse hands; legs whose strength equalled more than Daemon’s arms clasped the poor boy in all woe of what was about to happen. A stampede with a march beating through the walls whose reverberations roused Rogarth that his hung cock could be felt on Daemon’s cheek. Those strong minotaurus legs captivated Daemon, forcing him to spread his legs as his chief captive, his Master, his reckoning to the human self goaded the horny men running towards the sorry boy in lightning speed. These hounds pushed each other, fought to race and in great success reached the boy in time for the final moment ere the initiation to the cult shall begin. No, this is only the prologue; it’s not even enough to join this cult for what it is.

“It is not just pleasure we own, we owe it all to pain. Now, you will understand what it takes to be one of us.”

“I am all yours to use, Sir.”

“Call me Rogarth, Daemon. From now on, you are ours; especially mine.”

Rogarth released Daemon. As the hounds entered the chamber naked with cocks engorged and equally just as huge. They began staring down at him; and as Daemon crawled back from his captive towards a dark corner but to no avail escape had finally captivated himself in the excess degree of worship at his Master’s hosts.

“Hey, boy. Remember me? I was the one who fucking cummed on that cute face of yours which I’m now about to ruin again!”

“Please don’t hurt me. I just want to go home now!”

They laughed and those who whistled him his attention had spat on him for prize. Rogarth knew this was what Daemon wanted. Watching all that porn on tumblr and other sleazy sites clearly gave abode as to what the boy truly wanted within his unconscious mind. Going to University wasn’t the answer; it was this!

“I remember I used to be a repressed shy boy when I was your age. Now look at me, boy” grinned another hound. Before he could even gaze upwards at the face of whom had flexed, his sight was taken aback by force against another hound’s extraordinarily thick cock. It was so thick that Daemon couldn’t even tilt his eyes without seeing at least half of it! Whilst Daemon was grabbed by the head and face fucked like no eve the next, it was another hound who sat beside and locked his leg with Daemon’s, lifting the boy up with it

to gain entrance at the oyster slightly opened by his Master previously.

Then another hound joined in to assist. At once, Daemon was lifted by these two heavily tattooed men whose cold touch by the arms being spread wide only made the pre-initiate more exposed and vulnerable; immobile and indiscrete; open and victorious. By this time, all the hounds were touching up Daemon, getting the chance to feel his pulsating pearl that lay within his well-fingered hole. A hole that was to be used. A hole that was getting readied; it wasn’t just a hole. Now he’s comfortable he’s even wanking off some men he couldn’t even see from either side of him. He was blinded by cock and deafened by chants of hounds barking for more cock to be razed at his peril.