Smallest Cage Now Too Large
I have not used my boy’s cock in over four years after it was superseded by his tongue and, if I wanted penetration, a strap-on silicone dildo. As I had no use for it anymore and I didn’t want him playing with it because I wanted 100% of his sexual energy directed at my sexual pleasure, I locked it up full-time in a chastity cage to put it out of bounds. I also used quite severe spikes for many months to dissuade any erection attempts. Over the months and years, I have decreased the cage size as his penis has shrunk through disuse until it is now so small there is no way it can fill even the smallest cage I can find for him. I have also had to reduce his base ring size. The shrinking in length and girth I put down to the fact he has not been allowed to get erect in any form whatsoever for the last four years. As you can see from the pic he now has a lot of spare room in the cage. He could really do with being put in an even smaller cage just in case his tiny cock should ever attempt to fill the space by growing. He hasn’t shown even the slightest attempt at an erection in the last couple of years so I think it’s unlikely his cock will ever try again. However, a new snug little cage will be much more comfortable for him. I do believe any resurgence of even slight erections would be counterproductive to our lifestyle so I do not want to take any risk. His cock head now measures less than 1” diameter and will easily fit in a ½” long cage. I am therefore searching for the smallest cage possible, probably ½” long by ¾” in diameter of open design so his tiny cock head can be displayed for maximum humiliation. I think it is amazing how his body and mind have adjusted to his current role. As his penis has lost most of its sensitivity, his anus, prostate and nipples have increased. His testicles are quite a bit larger than years ago and I put that down to the testosterone they have to produce to keep up the constant level of sexual activity and excitement I demand of him for my pleasure.

Smallest Cage Now Too Large 2The above is what 877 days full-time in a small chastity cage has done for him. He is now permanently limp and size has drastically reduced. I started the clock when I put him in his smallest cage yet after reducing cage size several times over months before.

Smallest Cage Now Too Large 3

This is how he is kept all the time except for very rare removal of the cage for hygiene.

He has lost the ability to get even the slightest erection but he can still orgasm given the right stimulation. Orgasms for him have been separated from my sexual pleasure and are awarded to him for his performance in giving me pleasure and his overall good behaviour. He gets great satisfaction giving me pleasure but is never allowed to orgasm during these sessions. His orgasms are given in a session just for him, are delivered by TENS unit with him remaining caged and he must always tell me when he is about to cum so they can be ruined by me switching off at the critical point. I do allow him 3 or 4 full orgasms a year but because he never knows when one will happen, he lives in hope the next one will be full. There is no doubt his performance does drop off a little for a week or so after a full orgasm so for my benefit full orgasms for him are limited.