Lynn knew nothing about sex, but was eager to learn everything!

So Innocent
Lynn was born eighteen years ago in South Africa where her parents were missionaries. So, to say that her parents were strict would be an understatement. She was homeschooled; had never dated, and knew nothing about sex. She was so innocent and I could see it on her face. That’s why I was drawn to her.
They had just moved back to America and settled down in Orlando. Her father found a job as the youth pastor in a small non-denominational church. That’s where I first saw Lynn. She happened to be sitting in front of me and as we stood to sing, I’d get a whiff of her nice perfume.
Lynn and her parents would always arrive early, so I would always take the pew behind her. She would smile at me, then the sad face would appear again. That made me feel so bad. Why was she so sad? She had gorgeous long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a nice smile if you could get her to use it. So, what would she have to be so sad about? I needed to find out.
When the service was over, the tradition was for everyone to greet those people around them, so when Lynn turned around and shook my hand and smiled, I smiled warmly back and hello.
But after three weeks of me sitting directly behind her, Lynn noticed and said, “Hello again! You seem to always be sitting behind me!”
“I make it a point to always sit behind you so I can shake your hand and be near you.”
“Really? Why is that?”
“Well, because you’re so pretty.”
“Aww. That’s nice, Bill,” she said as her face turned pink. “No one has ever called me pretty before.”
“Well, you are. And I have more compliments that I would love to heap on you if you’ll have dinner with me tonight.”
“Oh, I’d love to, but I’m sure my dad wouldn’t let me. I’ve never dated before. He’s very strict.”
“Never had a date?”
“Then maybe I should talk to him. Would that be okay?”
“I guess you can, but I know he’ll say no.”
“Well, I have to try. I’ll go find him. You stay right here.”
“No. Here they come now,” she said and pointed across the sanctuary.
“Oh, good,” I said, hiding my apprehension.
“Hello, Pastor Edwards. I’m Bill Wilson. I’ve been talking to your lovely daughter.”
“Have you? We’re very proud of her.”
“I asked Lynn if she’d have dinner with me tonight, but she said that you wouldn’t let her.”
“Well son, we’ve not let our daughter date. There are a lot of young boys out there that want to take advantage of her.”
“I’m sure there are, but I am not one of them. Please give me a chance to prove it.”
The Pastor rubbed his chin, looked at his wife, then at Lynn, and back to me. “I tell you what. Come by our house tonight around six-thirty and we’ll talk. Then I’ll decide.”
“That’s fair enough,” I said and shook his hand.
Lynn smiled broadly and said, “Thank you, daddy.”
“Don’t get your hopes up, dear. I need to get to know Bill here.”
“I won’t, daddy,” she said, but I could see a twinkle of hope in her eyes as she smiled at me.
“Okay, Pastor Edwards. I’ll see you at six-thirty.”
And with that, he took Lynn by the hand and led her out of the church. I stood there watching and she looked back at me with a smile. I was hopeful.
– – – – –
That night, after a thirty-minute interrogation, Lynn and I left to have dinner on her first date ever.
“Bill, what did my father talk to you about?”
“Ha. Just about everything. He asked how I was raised. Was I a Christian? Did I have a good job? Had I dated many girls? On and on. He really grilled me.”
“Well, I guess he’s satisfied because he let me go.”
“Yes, he did,” I said and ran my hand down through her gorgeous blonde hair.
Her face turned pink and she looked down. I guess she’d never had a guy show affection toward her before and it embarrassed her.
“Hey! What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. It’s just that…when you ran your fingers through my hair, I got goosebumps.”
“Aww, really? That’s so sweet. But I should have asked permission first. It’s just that your blonde hair looks so soft and silky that I wanted to touch it. I’m sorry.”
“No. Don’t apologize. It was just a first for me to have a guy do that.”
“Well, Lynn, I loved doing it.”
“It was nice, Bill,” she said, then scooted over next to me and laid her head on my shoulder.
I was surprised and pleased. And my cock was too. It began to swell and said, “Things are looking up!”
We had good conversation as we ate at the Japanese restaurant. Lynn was beside herself with joy when she watched the young chef flipping his spatulas and swiftly chopping the chicken with such flare.
“Oh, Bill! This is so exciting! I didn’t know that places like this existed!”
“Really? I guess you’ve not eaten out much.”
“No. South Africa is not a good place to eat out…according to my father. So, mom cooked all of our meals.”
“Well then, I must take you to some of the best restaurants in town.”
“What could be nicer than this?”
“Oh, well, there are nice Italian places, Chinese, German, Israeli, Indian. I love Indian food!”
“American Indian?”
“No. Food like they have in India. I know you’ll love it.”
Then Lynn surprised me by hugging me around the neck, and said, “Thank you so much, Bill, for asking me out. I just hope that daddy will let me go out with you again.”
“Well, if I’m good and get you home by ten, maybe he’ll let you.”
“I hope so.” Then Lynn put her arm through mine and we ate our food with one hand from that point on.
When she leaned over her plate to take a bite, her beautiful blonde hair would fall forward and look so sexy! So, at one point I reached up and stuffed it behind her ear and said, “I wouldn’t want you to get food in your beautiful golden hair.”
Then she smiled as she looked up at me and tears welled up in her big blue eyes. I had a strong urge to kiss her but didn’t dare. It was too soon. Maybe later I would.
“You are so nice, Bill. I’m glad we met and you asked me out. The food is wonderful and you are wonderful.” Then she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Probably the first time she’d ever kissed a boy.
“You are wonderful too, Lynn. And you’re fun to be with. To say nothing about how gorgeous you are.”
Her face turned pink again, but she didn’t break eye contact with me as two tears ran down her cheeks.
“Hey! What are those tears for?” I asked as I gently wiped them away.
“Just tears of joy. I’m so happy.” Then she put her hand on my cheek and kissed me again.
“Careful Lynn. You’ll make me fall in love with you on our first date.”
She looked into my eyes for a long time as more tears streamed down her cheeks. “That’s the way I’m feeling right now, Bill.”
Ignoring the other diners at our table who were staring at us, I reached up and slowly ran my fingers down through her hair, then we kissed again.
Then the elderly lady next to me asked, “Are you two lovebirds newlyweds?”
“No. We just realized that we’re in love.”
Then she patted me on the leg and said, “Then ask her to marry you, young man! Time’s a-wastin’.”
Lynn and I laughed and went back to eating our dinner. But I did start to mull over what had just happened between us. We’d known each other for less than twelve hours; we were on our first date, and already my heart was swelling up with love for Lynn. And I thought she felt the same way.
We ate slower than the other diners and were soon alone at the table. The girl brought our check, I guess to hurry us up. So, we quickly finished and I paid our check at the front desk.
When I opened the car door for Lynn, she turned around, put her arms around my neck, and said, “Thank you, Bill. Dinner was wonderful.” Then she gave me a very hungry kiss.
I gently pushed my tongue into her mouth and she moaned and pulled away. “Was that a French kiss?” she asked.
“Yes, it was.”
Then she kissed me again and tentatively used her tongue. She was pretty good at it, so I put my hand on the back of her head and made a fist with her soft blonde hair.
“Mmm!” she moaned and broke our kiss. “This is all so new to me, Bill. My heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest and I’m afraid I’ll lose control.”
“I won’t let you lose control.”
“Maybe you should take me home. It’s nine-thirty.”
I was disappointed, but replied, “Okay.”
On the drive home, Lynn cuddled up to me and laid her head on my shoulder. I would have given a penny for her thoughts. Mine were on our last kiss and her statement that she might lose control. What did that mean?
When I pulled into their driveway, Lynn put her hand on my cheek and turned my head toward her, then we shared a nice French kiss.
“Thank you again for a wonderful evening and an exciting dinner,” she said and gave me another brief kiss.
“The pleasure was all mine, Lynn,” I replied as I ran my fingers through her hair one last time.
“I love it when you do that,” she said.
“You mean this?” I said and ran my fingers down through her gorgeous hair again.
“Yes. It gives me goosebumps and tells me that you like me.”
“Well, I do. And I could spend hours doing it.”
“Mmm. That implies our spending hours alone together.”
“It does. Maybe sometime we can.”
“I’d like that. but I should go inside. I’m sure that my parents are sitting in the living room waiting.”
When we got to the door it was nine-forty-five. I was ahead of my promised schedule.
“Why don’t you come in with me. Daddy will have questions.”
I thought, “Oh no! More questions!” But I said, “Okay,” as Lynn opened the door, took my hand, and led me in.
“Hi, daddy. We’re home!”
“Yes! And right on time! How was your dinner?” he asked.
“Oh, daddy! It was so exciting! Bill took me to a Japanese restaurant where a chef cooks your food right there in front of you on a big grill. And he flips his spatula around and chops the food so swiftly! It was so exciting, daddy! And Bill was so wonderful to take me there,” she said and hugged my arms.
I was surprised at Lynn’s display of affection in front of her parents, but they didn’t seem to react.
“Well, sweetheart, that does sound exciting! What’s the name of this place, Bill?”
“The Kobe Japanese Steakhouse,” I quickly answered.
“That does sound exciting, honey,” he said as he looked at his wife.
Then he looked back at us and said, “Maybe next time we’ll tag along with you. We’ve never had Japanese food before.”
“That would be great, daddy! And does that mean that I can go out will Bill again?”
“Well sure! Bill seems like a nice boy and your mother and I trust him. Don’t we dear?” he asked his wife, Helen.
“Yes, we do.”
Helen didn’t say much. She left all of the talking to the head of the family.
“Oh, thank you, daddy!” Lynn said and ran over and kissed him on the cheek.
“That’s fine, sweetie. When are you two going out again?” Pastor Edwards asked me.
“Oh, I don’t know,” I said as I looked at Lynn who was smiling ear to ear. “How does next Friday night sound?”
“That sounds wonderful, Bill.” Then she was about to hug me around the neck but quickly thought better of it.
“Well, I probably need to go. I have to work tomorrow at seven.”
Pastor Edwards said, “Seven! That’s awfully early!”
“Yes, but that’s the normal work schedule at the Cape.”
“I see!”
I turned to Lynn and said, “I’ll call you.”
“Lynn, sweetie. Why don’t you walk Bill to his car?”
“Okay, daddy.”
Pastor Edwards seemed to be encouraging his daughter’s relationship with me and I loved it.
When we got to the car, we French kissed again and Lynn leaned back against the car and pulled me with her. It felt like she wanted more than a kiss, so I pushed my bulge lightly against her crotch.
“Mmm,” she moaned and pushed her crotch back.
Then when I pushed harder, she broke our kiss and said, “Bill, this is probably not right, but I want you. You’ve turned on desires in me that I didn’t know I had.”
“I want you too, Lynn, but we need to slow down,” I said the words, but didn’t really mean them. I wanted things to go faster. Lynn was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help but want her.
“You’re right.”
“I’ll call you tomorrow night. Okay?”
Then we shared a quick kiss and I had to drive away, leaving my gorgeous Lynn standing in the driveway waving goodbye.
– – – – –
We talked on the phone for over an hour every night. Just hearing her voice made me happy.
We talked about my job and about South Africa. We talked about the Japanese restaurant and all of the different cuisines in Orlando.
But finally, we got around to our French kisses. “I love kissing you, Bill.”
“And I love kissing you, sweetie.”
“Oh! You’ve never called me that before.”
“Well, you’re just so sweet that the name fits.”
“Aww, Bill. I wish we could kiss right now. I’m lying in bed wearing just a large t-shirt.”
“Really! I’d love to see that.”
“I’ll send you a selfie. Hold on.”
So Innocent 2After a while, she asked, “How’s that?” as I looked at her selfie.
“Wow, Lynn! You look so gorgeous! But where’s your t-shirt?”
“I took it off.”
“Are you teasing me, sweetie?”
“Who me? I would never do that,” she replied with a lot of mischief.
“Gosh! You are just so gorgeous, Lynn! And I like your hair parted off-center like that.”
“Oh, good! Then that’s how I’ll wear it from now on.”
“And you look so happy compared to the other day in church.”
“I am happy. I now have a wonderful boyfriend who kisses me so heavenly!”
“Is that right! Who is he?”
“You, silly!”
“Then I guess it’s official. We’re a couple.”
“Oh, I like the sound of that! We’re a couple.”
“I do too.”
There was a long silence on the phone before Lynn said, “Bill, there’s something I want to talk about.”
“You’ll think it’s weird, but I could never talk to you in person about it.”
“Now you have me interested. What is it?”
There was another long silence before she said, “I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t?”
“What? Now that you have me interested and intrigued, you’re not going to tell me?”
“Okay. Okay.” There was another long silence, then she whispered, “Sex. I want to talk about sex.”
“Oh, is that all? Haven’t your parents talked to you about the birds and the bees yet?”
“Well, sort of. They mostly said to not do it until I get married.”
“I would expect that from a pastor.”
“But I want to know about it! When we kiss, I have these…feelings and I don’t know what to do with them!”
“Sweetie, those are normal feelings that couples get.”
“You get them too?”
“Of course, I do.”
“When we kiss, do you want to make love to me?”
I was surprised to hear Lynn be so open and straight-forward about sex, a topic that she apparently knew nothing about. “Yes, I do. But I have to control those…urges.”
“Yeah. Me too. But that’s the thing. I don’t want to control them. I want to just go wherever they take us.”
“I know, sweetie. I want that too.”
Then there was another long silence before Lynn said, “Tell me about oral sex. Is it safe?”
“Is it safe?”
“Yes. Can a girl get pregnant doing oral sex?”
I had to suppress a laugh. Lynn obviously knew nothing about sex or how babies are made. So, I coughed until the urge to laugh had passed.
“Are you okay?” Lynn asked.
“Yeah. I just got a tickle in my throat.”
“Oh good.” Then she said, “You didn’t answer my question.”
“I know. No. A girl can not get pregnant by having oral sex. I guess your parents haven’t taught you much about this subject.”
“No, they haven’t. You know how strict they are.”
“Yes, I know.”
“Then how does a girl get pregnant?”
“When a man makes love to a girl, with his penis in her vagina and he ejaculates, she might get pregnant.”
“She might?”
“A girl is fertile for only about one day per month.”
“Really? That’s weird!”
“Yes, but that’s how God made women.”
“I guess. Then it must be hard for a girl to get pregnant if she’s fertile for only one day a month.”
“Sometimes it is.”
After another long silence, I asked, “Do you have any other questions?”
“I have a lot, but they can wait.”
“Thank you, Bill.”
– – – – –
On our second date, I took Lynn to an Indian restaurant.
“Oh, Bill! This is so good!”
“I knew you would like it.”
“You make everything so special,” she said as she took my hand and looked into my eyes.
“You make everything special for me too, sweetie.” Then I leaned over and we kissed. She tried to hold the kiss, but we were in a restaurant.
“I really love our kisses, darling,” Lynn whispered.
“Me too.”
“You are now my darling.”
“I noticed…and I like it.”
We kissed again, then finished our dinner.
When we got in the car, Lynn said, “Why don’t we go to your place? I have a surprise for you.”
“Really! I love surprises.”
“And it’s only eight o’clock, so we have two hours.”
“You’re right.”
As I drove to my apartment, Lynn cuddled up to me with my arm around her. Then when she started to nibble on my ear, I got a hard-on. Then when I parked at my apartment, she turned my head and kissed me. As things got more amorous, she put her hand on my leg and found my hard-on.
“Bill, I want to have oral sex with you.”
“Is that your surprise?”
“Yes. Don’t you want to?”
“Of course, but not here in my car.”
“I thought it would be more romantic here.”
“I think it will be more romantic and more comfortable in my bed.”
“Mmm. Maybe you’re right.”
After we got into my bedroom, Lynn said, “Darling, you’ll have to show me how.”
“I know. Why don’t I sit on the bed and you kneel between my legs?”
As we kissed passionately and got more aroused, I dropped my pants, getting ready for the most exciting blowjob of my life. A blowjob from a gorgeous teenager who knew almost nothing about sex; a teenager who I would have to teach how to give me a blowjob; a teenager who would soon get to experience a cock in her mouth; a teenager who would feel that cock spurt cum into her mouth for the first time.
As I stepped out of my slacks, Lynn looked down at my cock and exclaimed, “Oh, Bill! It’s really big!”
“That’s what you do to me, sweetie.”
Then she took it in her little hand and whispered, “It’s really hard too! Tell me what to do.”
“Stroke it like this,” I said as I showed her how.
“Does that feel good?”
“It feels wonderful, sweetie,” I said as I took her head in my hands and we kissed.
After a few minutes, I sat down and Lynn knelt on the floor between my legs. She continued to stroke my cock as I ran my hand over her blonde head.
I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’d met Lynn just two weeks ago. She was an innocent and bashful teenager who knew nothing about sex. Now she was about to suck me off. Just the mere thought of what she was about to do almost made me cum.
“Now just put it in your mouth and suck it while you keep stroking. Use your lips and tongue so that your teeth never touch it.”
Lynn looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, kissed me briefly, then bent down and took the head of my cock in her mouth, and immediately got a spurt of pre-cum.
“What is this fluid?”
“It’s called pre-cum and is the body’s natural lubricant.”
“It has no taste at all. I like it.” Then she took my cock into her mouth again and got more pre-cum. “Mmm,” she moaned and sucked harder in an attempt to get more.
So Innocent 3I gathered up her blonde hair, pulled it behind her head like a bun, and pulled her head slightly toward my cock. “Take more, sweetie.”
She took about three inches into her mouth and stopped. So, I showed her how to bob her head up and down on it while she stroked me. She followed my instructions well and was soon giving me a good blowjob.
Seeing Lynn’s hair pulled back as it would look in a ponytail, and the feel of her lips and tongue stimulating my cock, soon had me ready to shoot off.
Lynn learned quickly and was taking about six inches deep into her mouth. She was moaning and sucking, and about to get a mouthful of cum.
“Oh, sweetie! I’m about to cum!”
She stopped and said, “In my mouth?”
“Should I swallow your sperm?”
“Yes. That’s part of a good blowjob.”
“Okay,” she said, then started to suck me again.
And just in time to get four hard spurts of cum in her mouth. “Mmm! Mmm!” she moaned in surprise but didn’t stop sucking. Then she swallowed everything and continued to suck for more cum. She got more and swallowed that as well.
But when it stopped and began to go soft, Lynn stopped and asked, “Why is it going soft? Are you not aroused anymore? Did I do something wrong?”
“No, sweetie. You were wonderful. That just happens to a man’s cock after he cums. I’m still aroused, but my cock needs time to recover before it can get hard again.”
“Oh. I didn’t know that.” Then she sat up and kissed me. “Did I do it right?”
“You did it perfectly, sweetie.”
“Good. I liked doing that for you.”
“Now it’s my turn.”
“What do you mean?”
“My turn to give your oral sex.”
“How do you do that?”
“I’ll show you. And I know you’ll love it. Why don’t you take your clothes off and join me on the bed?”
“Um. Can you turn the light off?”
“Sure,” I responded. I knew she’d be embarrassed.
So, after I turned the light off, Lynn took her clothes off. At first, I couldn’t see a thing, but as my eyes adjusted, I could see her nice teenage body.
As she crawled in bed beside me, she cuddled close and we kissed hungrily. She was quite aroused and that was good.
As we kissed, my hand explored her body. I started with her nice, firm breasts, kissed each one at length, then let my hand slide down to her crotch.
“Mmm!” she jumped and moaned at being touched down there by a man. But when I slid my finger into her folds, she moaned and spread her legs. Then I kissed my way down across her flat tummy as she moaned again and started to thrust her hips involuntarily.
“Oh, Bill. You’re getting me so aroused! I’ve never felt this way before.”
“Don’t you like the feeling?” I whispered.
“I do.”
But when I moved further down and licked her clit, she quickly covered herself with her hand.
“That’s embarrassing.”
“It’s okay, sweetie, I want to give you oral sex.”
She fidgeted, let me push her hand away, and said, “Okay.”
Then as I started to give her clit a lot of attention, she started to moan and thrust her hips. “Oh, Bill. That feels so good!”
In a few more minutes, Lynn took my head in her hands, thrust up against my tongue, and groaned as she had her first-ever orgasm. She held my tongue against her clit and continued to groan until it was over. Then she relaxed to catch her breath.
“Oh god! I think I had an orgasm!”
“I know you did, sweetie,” I said as I kissed her.
“I felt so amazing! Is that what an orgasm feels like to you?”
“It probably feels the same.”
“Wow! I had no idea what to expect. Now I want to have orgasms all the time.”
“Well, there is a way that we can have oral sex together.”
“It’s called sixty-nine and I’ll show you next weekend. Right now, I should take you home.”
“Oh, I wish we could spend the night together. I love you so much!”
“I love you too,” I whispered and we kissed passionately, which could have led to more sex, but we didn’t have time for that.
“Lynn, we should get dressed so I can take you home. It’s almost ten.”
Reluctantly, she said, “Okay. I guess you’re right.”
– – – – –
So Innocent 4The following Friday night, I introduced Lynn to sixty-nine, and to say she loved it would be a gross understatement. She had three intense orgasms before I shot off and she wanted to continue.
We’d been at it for almost an hour when I rolled off and pulled her into my arms.
“Sweetie, we don’t have time to keep going! I can tell that you love this new position, but I need to take you home.”
“But I was almost getting to where I could take you down my throat!”
“I know! That’s what made me cum!”
“Then you must like that.”
“I sure do.”
“Then we should do sixty-nine all the time.”
“I’d like that.”
“Me too. It feels so good!”
– – – – –
So, we did sixty-nine every Friday and Saturday night for a month before Lynn said, “Bill, darling. I want to have sex. You know. Go all the way.”
“You do?” I replied, trying not to show my eagerness to go ‘all the way’ with her.
“Yeah. I’ve been reading about it at the library and I know how we can do it without me getting pregnant.”
“I should just use a condom. I know that’s safe.”
“But using a condom will not be as good for you. Isn’t that right?”
“Well, a condom does decrease the stimulation.”
“Then I don’t want you to use one. Besides, I want to feel you when you cum inside me.”
I was getting an erection just talking about it. Lynn was so gorgeous! A blue-eyed blonde! Every man’s dream is to pop the cherry of a blue-eyed blonde teenager.
Lynn discovered my hard-on and started to stroke it. “I can tell that you want to go all the way with me too.”
I’d succumbed to my hormones and to my cock’s desire. “I do want to, sweetie. The best way to do it for the first time is from behind, so get on your hands and knees.”
“Okay,” she said eagerly and got into position.
So Innocent 5I got on my knees behind her and slowly pushed my cock in until I felt her hymen, then made a quick thrust and popped it.
“Ow! Ow! Stop for a second!” she pleaded.
“Okay. It won’t hurt for long.”
“I hope not.”
I waited only about thirty seconds, then slowly pushed my cock all the way into her little virgin body.
“Mmm. It feels good, Bill.”
“I knew it would,” I said as I started to slowly thrust.
“Mmm! You’re fucking me now!”
“Yes, I am. And your body feels wonderful.”
“And your cock feels wonderful. I’m glad we did this.”
I was finally fucking my gorgeous little Lynn. The little mouse I’d noticed at the church just a few weeks ago.
“Oh, darling! This feels so good! I’m about to have an orgasm! Keep fucking me!”
Lynn had never uttered the ’F’ word before and it turned me on to hear her use it. So, I increased the pace of my thrusting and within a minute, Lynn was having a very intense orgasm and I was shooting off.
“Oh, sweetheart! I can feel you cumming inside me!” she groaned as her orgasm continued.
She was so aroused, that I kept fucking her even after my balls were drained. And before my cock went soft, she had another orgasm. After that second one, she was exhausted and just collapsed on the bed.
I laid down beside her and she smiled, then cuddle up to me and put her head on my shoulder. As I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair, she said, “That was so good, sweetheart. I’m glad we did it.”
“I am too. Having sex with you is always wonderful.”
“I know.”
– – – – –
We continued to “date” for another year before her father asked us when we were going to get married? We were thrilled that he approved because we had been discussing marriage.
Pastor Edwards officiated at our wedding and we spent our honeymoon at a Sandals in the Bahamas.