“Anton … have you ever … I mean, have you … I mean, would you …”

We were on our way back to the compound from a visit to one of the tribes close by to our small village. This village was only a half-day’s journey away and a mild illness was moving through the people. The medicines we had accumulated brought relief to them. Along the way back on the trail, I reached out to stop Anton. The two of us had taken our relationship to a level that the other sisters smiled at us as they saw the looks between us until Mother Maria finally confronted the two of us and gave her blessing. She explained that nobody knows exactly how the original Magdalenes really acted or behaved and how much their sexual backgrounds played into their mission. And, nobody documented the evolution and movement of the Magdalenes from the earliest times to now. She confided that their small Order had used sexuality as necessary and appropriate for the tribal acceptance they sought. She had tried to scare me away by the demands she made of me at the gate that first night of my arrival. She was convinced I was the emissary that would shut their small Order down. Events since had shown her that the real significance of the Magdalenes was not merely the allowance of sex in lives but the elimination of restrictive rules, judgements, and doctrines. I was an example of that, she said. The sign shown us by what happened with the baby we found showed that what was important was doing that which was important to others in order to reach others and receive their acceptance. She had encouraged me to move past the confines of my earlier teachings and controls put on me and to freely accept what came into my life … including Anton. At the same time, she had encouraged Anton to allow me that freedom and not put his own restrictions and jealousies upon me.

That conversation, the visit to that tribe and experiencing the different men, my trial at the gate (even if meant to only scare me away), and the subsequent time Anton and I used to explore a meaningful relationship, all combined to transform my already inquisitive mind toward sex into full-fledged exploration of what’s possible. I sometimes found my mind in a blur of erotic thoughts and considerations of experience. What was possible? What wasn’t? What should I pursue? What shouldn’t I pursue? Just because I had been given permission, did that mean that restrictions shouldn’t still apply? What were perversions but what someone had decided, what someone had merely applied? Wasn’t intention in the heart really the only element that mattered?

It was within that framework of my mind that I stopped Anton and tried to express a new compelling curiosity. As usual, he was very patient with me.

He smiled as he faced me and pulled me into his embrace. I may have become used to being naked, travelling along the trails without general concern of who I might encounter along the way because almost everyone else in this region would be naked or nearly so. But when I am pulled into Anton’s embrace, it still sends a jolt of awareness as my nakedness come into contact with his bare upper body and I feel his massive cock in his worn, faded, and baggy shorts. I often impulsively press my hips into his and feel his reaction is the same as mine as I feel his impressive cock stir with our contact.