Soft frilly feminine girls and bull dykes
Louisville, Kentucky has a sizeable Bohemian population of art and music devotees as well as alternative lifestyle adherents. On a trip there in 2006, I read the personal column ads placed by “men seeking women,” women seeking women,” “women seeking men,” etc. I was surprised by how many women were seeking women for dates, sex, and/or romance. Most of these females described themselves as “very feminine” and were seeking other females who were feminine and “not butch”. Nobody was seeking butch women for dates. Where were the poor butch girls going to find any romance? Later, I often saw the same phenomenon on Adult Friend Finder. Women advertise themselves as feminine even though that is not the word that jumps out from looking at the accompanying photographs. The women seeking women (not such a feminine objective) describe themselves as feminine and were seeking dates with women who were “not butch”. I was given to wonder how so many lesbian players could be seeking feminine counterparts and no rough and tough dykes were seeking dates with other butch women?

Some years back I was not much into the idea of sex with girls and my only experiences were due to being egged on by guys wanting to see some all-girl sex party action. But over the next few years I experienced a lot of lesbian activities. I had an affair with an older wealthy lady who showered cash on me for the sex play time I had with her. As I developed a genuine attraction to some girls and had other affairs and flings I learned more about the different types of pussy eaters.

There are of course real man-hater butch lesbians that have no interest whatsoever in males. But more common are the girls who play with girls in a more casual fun way and are not so parochial that they are not interested in guys as well as girls. Even though I stayed more interested in guys and considered myself very feminine I could go toward the male role in a girl on girl relationship. In other words even I could act like a bull dyke at times and surprise myself at how butch I could be. Perhaps the cliché appearance of the masculine edged lesbo is that of a multi-pierced and tattooed thick woman sporting a very short haircut or maybe even a Mohawk. Such a woman is often a heavy smoker and drinker too. I do not fit that appearance at all but even that type of dyke would be no more aggressive and rough in sex with a girlie girl than I was at times. The following affair shows how girl-girl play can throw some curves into ones’ psyche.

I developed an interest in Amanda and began watching for signals to see if she might have an interest in some play time. She was eleven year younger than me, very but very pretty, and had blue eyes and light brown hair. She was friendly and polite but not particularly vivacious. She was smart academically but difficult to figure out. When she did smile it was warm and genuine but she was a bit reserved. Her intelligence and beauty made people proud to be counted among her friends and to be seen with her.