one summer afternoon we had decided to go for a walk, no destination in mind. around 20 minutes later we found ourselves in the local woodland.

finding ourselves alone you give your skirt a quick flick, revealing your sexy ass covered by your batman panties, which you know are may favourite ones.

my cock twitches, you must have noticed as you lift your skirt, bend over and look back at me. “do you like what you see?” you ask me. before i can answer you tell me take you.

looking around i notice a tree stump, taking you by the hand i lead you to it. i unbutton my pants and releass my hard throbbing cock. you sit on my lap, grinding your pussy against me.

i can feel your wetness soaking through your panties, eager to feel and taste it, i tell you stand up. slowly i pull your panties down using my teeth.

now knelt on the floor behing you, as if reading my mind, your part your legs and bend over, supporting yourself against a tree

with a blink of an eye my tongue is lapping up your wetness. licking slowly up and down your slit, occasionaly slipping my tongue inside you. i just cant get enough of your sweetness.

still on my knees, you straighten up and turn around, grabbing my head and pulling my face into your pussy, my mouth meets your clit and instinctively i start circling it with my tongue.

i wrap my arms around you, grabbing your ass cheeks, gently squeezing them as i hold you tight. i apply more pressure to your now throbbing clit. simultaneously sucking it as i flick my tounge over it.

you slide a hand under your shirt and start to play with your nipples, your whole body shaking as i circle your swollen, throbbing clit with my tongue

breathing heavily, body shaking unctrollably ‘OH FUCK’ you manage to moan as you climax.

before i can do anything you have a foot on my chest, pushing me to the ground. seconds later im looking up at your smooth dripping pussy. ‘look what you did to me’ you say as you lower yourself onto my face.

Instantly i begin to lick up your wetness. grinding yourself against me as my tongue works your slit once more.

you slowly move down my body until we are face to face, my hard throbbing cock lightly touching your pussy. you lean down and kiss me, tasting yourself as we kiss passionately, my arms arounds you.

as you sit up, my cock slips inside you with ease, gripping me as you slowly lower yourself down, taking every inch of me inside you. ‘ohhhh’ is all i am able to say as the last of me is taken.

you learn forward, pushing my hands to the ground, holding them there as you ride my throbbing cock, your breasts bouncing inches from my face.

Your wetness running down my cock. You begin to ride me harder. Letting go of my arms, you sit up, still riding me. I reach up and take a breast in each hand, gently I pinch and squeeze your erect nipples, making you moan softly