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I have a 34D-24-36 body and I live in South India. I used to work out and keep my body in shape. My marriage was at the age of 24. He was 28.

My husband was working in a company when I married him. I was working as a school teacher. We didn’t have much fun together as it was an arranged marriage. He told me that he wanted only one c***d. He made me pregnant with a baby boy.

One day, he lost his current job. We had rough times and my salary was not enough to support the family. So my husband found a job abroad by the recommendation of his friend. He decided to go for it. He had a three-year contract with the company and he could not come home before the contract period.

I and my baby boy were alone in that house as my husband’s dad passed away the previous year and his mom had passed away in his teenage. It was a hard time for me. But the job I had was helping me forget everything.

At school, I got a friend. His name was Hari and he was a science teacher. He was 33 years old and handsome. His wife had died on her delivery. He has a 5-year-old boy and also has faced hard times raising a boy without his mom.

We talked to each other during intervals and became best friends. We used to work together on functions conducted at the school.

One afternoon, after lunch, we were together talking about something. He got into the topic about my husband.

Hari: When will your husband be back?
Me: It has been one and a half years since he left. So he has one and a half left.

Hari: Oh! Now I know why you have only one k**.
Me: No.. No, it was my husband’s idea. He doesn’t like many k**s.

Hari: So you like to have many k**s?

I was a little shy by his words and just smiled at him.

Hari: Well then why don’t you ask him?
Me: I don’t know.
Hari: Why? Ask him. He would agree to have one more.

I felt secure talking to him. Hari was very open-minded.

Me: I don’t know about that. He doesn’t spend time with me much. Since we had an arranged marriage, things were a little different.
Hari: Oh! So only once you had sex with him?

Me: Wow! I knew you were open-minded. But I didn’t think that you would ask me this.
Hari: Why not? You are my best friend.

I felt more secure by his words. So after a deep breath, I said, “Yeah, I only had sex with him once.”

Hari kept his hand above my hands and said that he also wanted many k**s but his wife died in her first delivery.

I liked when he touched my hand. I had missed the touch of a man for many years now. He suddenly changed the topic and asked me to go with him to the library. He said he would show me some books that will help when I am bored. I had told him that I like to read. I didn’t have class for the next few hours. So I went with him to the library.