Space crew with a twist for anal stretching fights for survival inside Mao’s infested ship

Previously: The Dragonfly rescue team have managed to eliminate one of the six breeders in Mao’s chamber but paid a heavy price sacrificing many ass holes. In this chapter Stuller leads the heroic attempts of his women to save the ship from oxygen deprivation! A few well calculated blasts halved the large analingus biting Cpt. Stella’s prolapse and making the amazon roar in range and pain. Her destroyed guts stopped shooting out eggs while the remaining four large worms roamed around their mistress in a rush to recover. While Eleen was trying to kill the last super aliens without harming the Brazilian, an 10 inch wide analingus shoot out from ambush under the ground slime and attacked the instructor’s rear. It charged into the wide opening with such brutal force all the crap inside went into the female’s stomach and made her fall on the ground, belching on the sleazy floor.

Her compatriots immediately attacked the intruder, although their fighting techniques proved parallel to their level of lust and intelligence. First Private Erene came to the rescue charging at the analingus with her baton. The creature wiggled it’s slimy body in response knocking out by a lucky accident the hanging prolapsing guts of the pregnant woman and causing her to sit down in pain, spewing hundreds of worms in the process. The bimbo’s womb showed up for a moment completely exposing the fetus to the hostile environment before retreating back to the questionable protection of the vagina.

Intern Judy’s feminine screams were heard next as she charged at Eleen’s rear..literally! Since the small woman was packed so well in the midsection she could not actually run properly, but sort of paddle her feet in a comical way. Once in position she started hitting like a maniac at the half polish ass and back. The intense pain made the short haired blond roll around mashing her torpedo tits without mercy and belch some pretty large worms out of her mouth from all the pain.

Suddenly a well calculated blast eviscerated Judy’s baton making the intern snap out of her trans. Apparently the lust in the air has gotten to her badly despite the “gas mask” and she dropped the handle in a surprise following the shot.

– Not today sweetheart! – Sheila said as she blew out her smoking gun before approaching the scenery. Contrary to the confident wording, the older woman was in a somewhat grotesque posture bending severely at her waist. As she waddled being filled with milk from her suctions, the veteran crew member looked actually pretty humiliated.

The large worm have already made room for himself to get all the 50 inches inside the broken and roomy guts of Eleen. Only the tale was visible by now and was madly wiggling. Sheila knew there was no point blasting it. Instead she decided to pick some of the automatic guns the instructor have brought and continue shooting at cpt. Stella’s entourage of anal eradicators.