J and I were sitting around horny, as usual, and were trying to think of a sexually exciting thing to do. We mulled things over, and decided to try a delivery guy, such as pizza. J would flash him somehow and see his reaction. If she thought him sexy and willing, she’d see if she could get him to play.
So, we called our favorite pizza delivery company, and she remembered a hunk delivered last time she said she’d love to play with. She called and ordered a pizza and it would take about 30 minutes.
J took a quick shower and put on just a short black robe with no undies or bra. We started playing a little, and I sucked her nipples and licked her clit, stopping short of her cumming. I teased her clit a while and she wanted to cum so bad, but I kept stopping. As if on cue, we head a knock at the door. J said, fuck, I was about to cum. She got up to answer all wet and hot, and I whispered to let her robe fall open a little to see her cleavage. Well, she did more than that, and let her left tit out, totally exposing it. Special Delivery

She was excited by her exposure and thinking it was the hunk of a guy that came last time. She opened the door, and to her dismay, it was a young guy about 18, with braces, glasses, and a skinny, nerdy body she could just not get into. She quickly closed her robe and apologized, saying it was accidental. She paid for the pizza and said that’s okay and left.
J was upset and still horny. Her clit was hard and sticking out at me. I said, lets try again. So we tried a different company, and ordered a pizza and again it would be about 30 minutes. J was so hot she started rubbing her tits and clit. She showed me how wet she was. I started to go down on her again and she said no, lets wait.
We waited a while, and she held off on cumming. Another knock at the door, and she answered it with her cleavage showing, but not totally exposed. Again, the guy was a complete dork, and she said he was a complete turnoff. We both said, fuck. I said, one more time. She reluctantly agreed and said, now we have two pizzas! She called another pizza joint, and ordered another. While waiting, we played around and watched some Xhamster videos and I played with her pussy while sucking her perfect breasts. She was getting close when we again heard a knock. She said she’s going to do this guy no matter what. I said take your tits out and open the door and invite in. So, she went to the door with both tits out of her robe. And she was now so horny she could cum in a few seconds. She rubbed her nipples to make them hard for the guy.Special Delivery 2

She opened the door and was shocked to see the pizza guy was a pizza girl! J was embarrassed but invited her in. J has not been with a woman before but fantasizes about it watching videos and such. The girl was young, about 22, and had long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fantastic body. The girl came in, and got the pizza out to give to J. She couldn’t keep her eyes off J’s tits. J paid her and asked if she’d like something to drink. She said okay. J told her sit on the couch and J came to me in the bedroom and asked, should I? I said, absolutely! I had the video cam ready and intended to video the encounter. She said she is nervous, but I knew she was so turned on. J went to the kitchen and got the girl some cold water. J opened the robe completely and her shaved pussy and tits were exposed. She handed the water to her she sat next to her. The girls name was Raven and was a student at the local community college. Out of nowhere, Raven reached out and touched J’s breast and stroked her nipple lightly. J closed her eyes and said Mmmm, that feels good. Raven bent over and took J’s nipple in her mouth. She sucked it slowly and ran her tongue on the hardening nipple. The girl said she is bi, and asked if J has ever been with a woman. J said no, but has thought about it. The girl said, lay back and enjoy. Raven stood up and removed her clothes. She had smaller tits with dark brown large nipples. Special Delivery 3

Raven was nude now and started kissing J’s mouth as she rubbed her tits. J’s nipples were very hard as Raven went down and sucked them into her mouth. She spent a few minutes on each. J was moaning pretty loudly as Raven sucked them. Raven’s hand went to J’s pussy and rubbed her slit up and down, commenting on her wetness. Raven then rubbed the clit in a circular motion and the wet sounds were evident, even from the bedroom I was in. Raven worked her way across J’s tummy and down to her pussy. She started licking around the vulva and then sucked J’s clit into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over her clit and had a little sucking on her clit. I noticed Raven was rubbing her own pussy as she was going down on J. Raven then moved up and put her hard nipple on J’s clit and rubbed it in. Raven then put her pussy against J’s and rubbed the two pussies together. Both Ladies were moaning loudly as they grounded their pussies together. Raven announced she was going to cum and grinded harder against J’s pussy. Raven came fast and very hard moaning loudly. She recovered briefly and then went back down on J. She licked J’s pussy up and down and concentrated on her clit. J said, fuck, I’m going to cum! J did, came very hard and loud! Raven did not slow down and continued licking and sucking as J rubbed her own tits and nipples. J was in ecstasy as she came over and over. J finally said stop, I need to catch my breath! Raven smiled and kissed J and said she really needed that but she has to work. She asked if she can come over again and repeat this scenario. J gave Raven her cell and said call first. J said she’d have to check with her husband. Raven smiled and said, I’ll do him too!
Raven left and J was still hot. She wanted to see the video I took. She watched it several times using her wand and cumming many times. She sucked my cock into her mouth and asked me to cum on her tits. She talked about her encounter with Raven and said that was so fucking hot! But, she still wanted a guy to play with, another day! As she fantasized about it all I shot my load across her tits and nipples. She rubbed it in as she kept cumming!