My buddy Darryl called me to tell me that a girl he knew, Sabrina, had a special request. He told her that I would be someone who could make it happen. She wanted to dominate a woman. Have the woman be a sex slave. This included being fucked with a strap on & calling her “mistress.”
I knew exactly who to call. Tracie, a friend of mine who had recently gotten married. She was one of the biggest nymphos I knew. Amateur stripper & professional freak!!! She readily agreed. I would have to pick her up at a downtown bar as not to be seen by anyone.
She got into my car while on the phone telling hubby that she was on the way to work as a bartender. On the way to the hotel, we stopped & brought a nice sized strap on, whip & nipple clamps. Walking into the hotel room, Darryl & Sabrina were wearing masks, mainly because Sabrina didn’t want her identity known. Sabrina grabs the bag out of my hand, pushes us both against the wall, pulls down both our pants, & give us both short rim jobs! What an introduction.
She then puts a chain & collar around Tracie’s neck, pulls her over to the bed & orders her to lick her ass. At one point she says forcefully “Lick my asshole, not all around it!” Tracie responds with a meek “Yes mistress.” She tells me to start fucking Tracie from behind. I ease in, taking my time & she yells” I told you to fuck her & you trying to make love!” Then I start to hammer away.
Sabrina ask for the strap on. She puts it on & fucks Tracie doggy style while Darryl & I put our dicks in her face. Tracie starts to yell out “Fuck me mistress” while taking turns sucking on our dicks. Sabrina is calling her a little slut while smacking her ass with the whip. She didn’t say, but I think Tracie came just by the way she was moaning & spasming.
I’d been told in the past that Tracie loves it in the ass, but never had a chance to find out for myself. So now was my chance. I pull her over to the other bed, laid on my back & had her sit on my dick in reverse cowgirl. My dick slid easily into her ass. While I’m getting into a rhythm, Darryl comes over & positions himself so that he could enter her vagina. She handled DP like it was nothing! After about 10 minutes of this position, Darryl yelled out that he was cumming. He pulled out, yanked off the condom & came on her stomach.
At this point, Daryll & Sabrina started dressing. I ask Tracie “Do you want me to fuck your pussy, or keep fucking this ass?” She moaned” keep it in my ass!” As Darryl & Tracie were walking out of the room, they still had their masks on. I said “You’re still hiding your face? All I gotta do is look you up on Facebook.” I kept fucking her ass until I came harder than I had in a long time. I literally rolled over & curled up like a baby. She looked at me & said “I’m gonna go to work. Can you drop me off?” I had $80 laying on the night stand & told her to take it & catch a cab cause I’m worn out. I couldn’t believe that she was going to bartend after a night like that. She took the money & left the room. I slept like a baby until the morning.