SQUARE TEACHER AT THE WILD PARTYBetween Tishomingo and Oxford is a rural/small town part of Mississippi. Most of the people, Black and White, live a conservative lifestyle, work hard, and have limited vices. But of course some others are like me and are backsliders, degenerates, hypocrites, and too lusty for words. In the greater area where the Wizard of the Saddle, Nathan Bedford Forrest, won a great victory over the invaders at Brice’s Crossroads, there are a couple of overlapping groups that party naked and where the girls often fail to keep “both legs in one stocking.”

My husband and I, did not smoke, use d**gs, drink more than a single beer in an evening, or use bad language. But we did pursue carnal delights, beyond all rhyme and reason.

Our friend Dorothy Spencer, had an expansive house surrounded by woods, and she periodically hosted get-togethers. Her home did not have a pool but it did have a large deck with a great eight-man hot tub overlooking beautiful gardens replete with about 20 hummingbird feeders. We arrived at her home at mid-afternoon expecting just Dorothy, the guys she was dating, another couple, and our presence making for a total of six. But there were two additional singles: Ellen Mabry and our pal Nick Johnston were there. Ellen and Nick were not a couple and did not know each other well. We did not know Ellen at all.

Dorothy and her squeeze had steaks on the grill and the inside kitchen was perking with a variety of dishes. It was still three hours before sunset when we sat down inside to enjoy a great meal. I leaned that the mysterious Ellen was a fifth grade teacher. She was an attractive brunette of normal height, weight, bust size, and fashion style. She looked as normal as a young woman can be. Everyone was dressed at the table but some of us had been sunbathing nude on the deck just before we sat down to eat. I put on just a swim suit cover-up without the swimsuit underneath to sit down at the dinner table.

After supper, while the sun was still up but the September breeze took the edge off the heat. Four of us hit the hot tub while the rest chatted on the deck catching the last of the sun. Ellen was still wearing her denim skirt, an oxford cloth button-down shirt, and sandals. No one else had a stitch on.

Our Hostess was in the hot tub so I asked her about Ellen. She said that she found out Ellen was super infatuated with Nick and had wanted to get to know him better. “I warned Ellen that there would be nude bodies at the party and probably lots of exhibitionist sex”…”She said if Nick really could be there she would like to be there”…”I think Ellen at 31 is suddenly aware of her biological clock and is desperate to meet a man for a real deal relationship.” I asked Dorothy how much Nick knows about this situation. Dorothy said he only knows that Ellen was interested in seeing him. I told Dorothy, “I’m going out there in the garden where Nick is wondering around like a botany student and put a torch under him.”