Star, An Anal Testing Subject
Her name is Star and she is about to be used as an anal testing ground for four men and their craftsman handiwork.

There was a whirring noise as she felt her bound body rise back up. Her spread, suspended and very sore ass cheeks had been just kissing the cold hard floor as her body hung there from a wooden beam, tied up by ropes biting into her ankles and legs. Her arms were pinned tight with yards and yards of rope behind her. They were aching from the pressure of more rope that was tied off to a metal bar high over her head.

It also supported the wooden beam that her legs were tied to in a macabre way. She felt utterly exposed and helpless in this position. A position the man in charge of her bound body had just taken advantage of, as he played with the simple two button control that lowered and raised the entire contraption she painfully hung from.

First, he had hoisted her trapped body up high enough so that he could make good use of a leather flogger with rough metal tips. He had taken great delight in whipping her ass into a rosy glow of bright red streaks. A few so nasty they had dripped a little blood. After taking his time to get her into a frenzied state of loud gagged begging for mercy sobs, he had lowered her down a distance.

Lowering her down to a perfect height for presenting her trapped mouth with his throbbing dick. He had unzipped his fly and pulled out his stiff erect cock. Taking his time to stroke it in her terrified face, as he took a hand held electrical tazer like device, and at a leisurely pace, travelled around her captured full tits with the snapping and sparking tip.

Her gagged squeals and yelps soon were drowned out, as he plunged his cock thru the ring gag and into her trapped mouth. With deep forceful pushes of his hips and bursts of yelling, “Sweat fuckin Jezuz cunt, you’re good!” he throat fucked the poor suspended girl. It went on and on as he gripped and pulled at her long curly hair and thrust his hips rapidly into her full of suffering face.

She took it all in, diligently swallowing his cock as she had been trained, the best she could. Trying to dutifully swallow the ensuing flood of semen, as he groaned out his release into her trapped mouth. Pulling out he jacked off even more, gleefully spreading more of his white eruption around her anguished face.

After all, for a long while now, she had been kept by a man for just such a purpose. An oral depository for her master’s cum. She was a fairly well trained young slave, except for one area, one hidden part of her body that her master had yet to fully utilize due to her reluctance and terror….And that was about to change.