Donna was gorgeous and hot, but her step-mother was too.

Step-Daughter and Mother
I grew up in a small town in western Kentucky where basketball was the king of all sports. I became the star center for the high school team because I was six-foot-four. So, I could have just about any girl I wanted, including the cheerleaders, who were all gorgeous and hot.
But there was one cheerleader, Donna Jackson, who was being difficult. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and a killer smile. Every guy on the team had asked her out, but she always refused.
Donna was the daughter of the town’s only doctor and the team’s doctor, so we didn’t push it. But I just had to somehow get between her legs! She was so sexy in that cheerleader outfit with her short skirt and blue panties that were revealed every time she jumped up.
Today I approached Donna at her locker and asked, “Hey! Why won’t you go out with me? I’m a nice guy.”
Without looking at me, she said, “Because all you want is what all the other guys want.”
“Oh? And what’s that?” I asked, knowing the answer.
“To have sex with me, and that is NOT going to happen.”
“What if I promised not to touch you? What if we just went to the drive-in and watched the movie? Then would you go out with me?”
As she was rearranging things in her locker, she was thinking about it. “Well, if you promise that, then I’ll go out with you.”
“Great! How about Friday night? I’ll pick you up at six, take you to dinner, then to the drive-in.”
“What’s playing?”
“I think it’s that Vincent Price movie, The House of Wax. It’ll be scary.”
“I know. I don’t like scary movies.”
“Oh, come on! It’s just a movie! Besides, I’ll be there to protect you.”
She laughed and said, “Okay. I’ll see you Friday night at six.”
– – – – –
That night I masturbated about getting into Donna Jackson. She’d say no and struggle a little but would give in easily. I’d fuck her for twenty minutes if I could hold out that long, then I’d shoot off. I thought, “Damn! Donna is going to be such a good fuck!”
Friday night we went to the local café for dinner and talked. Donna looked so gorgeous with her long brown hair and blue eyes. I was tempted to reach out and run my fingers through her hair but decided that later would be better.
It was getting dark, so we left for the drive-in. I found a good parking spot and installed the speaker on the window. Donna was sitting as far away from me as our ’58 Plymouth Fury would let her.
I thought, “Okay. I guess tonight I won’t be fucking Donna Jackson.”
After the obligatory previews, the movie started. It wasn’t scary at first, but after Price was burned in the fire, his face was horrifying. The audience first saw him when he stood up from behind a sofa, looking very scary.
The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, but Donna screamed, slid over next to me, and buried her face on my shoulder. I took advantage of her fright and wrapped my arm around her and ran my fingers through her silky hair.
“Ssh. It’s over. You can look now.”
“Are you sure?”
Then Donna turned to look at the screen but stayed in my arms for safety. The side of her face was close to mine, so I kissed her behind the ear. She ignored that first one, so I kissed her on the cheek. That’s when she turned and we kissed. It quickly developed into a nice French kiss and my cock became rock-hard.
Then to my surprise, Donna pulled me down on top of her. I quickly maneuvered my left leg between hers and pressed my hard-on against her crotch. She moaned and pushed back and we were dry humping.
I thought, “This is going better than I ever expected!”
Donna was getting very aroused and was humping my legs and moaning softly. Then she stopped and said, “Stop, Bill. You promised not to try anything.”
“I thought you liked what we were doing!”
“I did, and that’s the problem.”
“I see,” I said with a lot of disappointment in my voice, and sat up.
Donna sat up too and cuddled into my arms. “I’m sorry, but I want to save myself for my husband.”
I ran my fingers through her silky long hair and said, “I understand, sweetie. I’ll be good.”
Then to my total surprise, she said, “I’ll give you a blowjob if you want, but you’ll have to show me how.”
My cock, which had deflated, came back to life and thought that a blowjob would be great!
“Really? You want to do that?”
“Yes. I know that guys like it and I feel bad that you want me so much.”
Before she could change her mind, I quickly pushed my pants down to my ankles and pulled my nine-inch cock out of my boxer shorts.
Donna took it in her hand and said, “It’s really big!”
“It’s big because it wants you.”
“What should I do?” she whispered as she looked down at it.
I took her hand and said, “Stroke it like this.”
I let her stroke my cock as we kissed hungrily. But if she kept that up, I’d shoot off, so I said, “Now lean down and take it into your mouth.”
When she did, she said, “What is this fluid?”
“That’s pre-cum and shouldn’t have any taste.”
“It doesn’t,” she said as she continued to suck. “Mmm! I got more of it.”
“You’ll get more the closer I get to cumming.”
“I guess you want to cum in my mouth,” Donna said unhappily.
“Well, that’s part of a good blowjob.”
“Okay,” she said as she continued to suck me off.
I had my hand on the back of her head and started to push down, trying to get her to take more. Then she gagged.
“Agh! Bill, that’s too much!”
“Sorry. It’s just so hard not to want more of your mouth. It feels so good.”
“I’ll try to take more. Okay?”
“Okay,” I said as I lightly pushed her head down again.
She gagged again but didn’t stop. She kept pushing my cock further and further down until I felt her nose touch my leg and my throat was stretching to accommodate my engorged cock. I didn’t realize that I’d been pushing her head down and she didn’t seem to mind.
Then she pulled up to take a breath. “Wow! It went all the way down!”
“I know. That’s what feels so good.”
“Are you ready to cum? My throat hurts.”
“I’m very close, sweetie.”
She kissed me and went down on my cock again. When I felt her tight throat again, that’s all it took. My cock exploded hard.
Donna flinched and coughed, but took every spurt of cum as my cock jerked in her throat. She let me hold her head down until I was finished, then sat up.
She cleared her throat and said, “What that okay?”
“It was wonderful, Donna.”
Then we kissed briefly and she laid her head on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through her long silky hair and tried to convince myself that I’d just shot my load into Donna Jackson’s throat.
“Bill?” Donna whispered.
“You’ll think what I’m going to say is weird, but if you need someone to have sex with, you should ask my mom.”
“She’s only thirty years old. She’s my step-mom.”
“I know she married my dad for his money. But the problem is, he has erectile dysfunction, so she has to be horny.”
“Probably,” I said, still trying to get my head around the fact that Donna what suggesting that I should fuck her step-mother. “Marie is a beautiful woman. But she wouldn’t be interested in a teenager.”
“She called you a real stud at the game last Friday.”
“Yep. I could tell her that you think she’s beautiful and hot. She might react favorably.”
“You really want to do that?”
“Sure! Why not? I bet she’s good in bed.”
“Donna! That’s not a nice thing to say about your step-mother.”
“Well, I’m just being honest.”
Step-Daughter and Mother 2As my thoughts turned to fucking Marie Jackson, my cock began to grow. Marie has long black hair and drives around town in her black T-bird looking like the best lay in town, which she just might be.
Donna noticed my growing cock and stroked it slowly. “Are you thinking about my mom?”
“I was,” I replied, somewhat embarrassed.
“Why don’t I give you another blowjob and you can pretend that I’m her?” She didn’t wait for my answer and just bent over and took my growing cock down her throat.
I put my hand on her head and fucked Donna’s throat as I pretended that she was Marie. That made my cock grow quickly.
Then Donna came up and said, “I can feel you growing hard in my throat! It’s really erotic!” Then she plunged my cock back down her throat.
And just in time because I started to shoot off. Being surprised, Donna flinched and coughed, but I was holding her (Marie’s) head down.
Donna continued to suck my cock until it was a limp noodle, then sat up and kissed me. “Were you pretending that I was my step-mom?”
“I was, but no one, not even your step-mom, could give a better blowjob that you just gave me.”
“Aww. That’s so sweet.” And we kissed hungrily again.
Then she said, “Maybe I’ll let you fuck me, then you’ll be fucking us both! Would you like that? I think it would be so taboo and naughty. She’d be fucking you and wouldn’t know that you were also fucking!”
“Whoa! Slow down! What about your desire to save yourself for your husband?”
“Well, maybe that’s too old fashioned.”
“Let’s take this one step at a time. Just tell your mom that I think she’s hot and let me know what she says. Okay?”
“Okay. I’m getting aroused just thinking about it.”
“You are?”
“Yeah. Why don’t we come back tomorrow night and we can have sex?”
“Wait. If we do that, I don’t want to do it in the front seat of this car! I’d want to get us a room somewhere.”
“Wow! That will be so romantic!” Donna replied and gave me a very hungry French kiss. “Then can we do it tomorrow night? I can’t wait!”
As Donna looked at me and I ran my fingers through her hair, I got images of fucking her; images of her legs around my waist as I pumped into her body; I could even hear her moans of pain when I popped her cherry.
“Sure. Tomorrow night it is.”
– – – – –
When we checked in to our room at the Holiday Inn Express, Donna was all over me. She acted like losing her virginity was the most important thing in her life.
As we kissed passionately, she was moaning and pressing her crotch against mine. I had my arms around her waist and slid my hands down to her ass and pulled her crotch against my hard-on.
“Oh, Bill, I want you so much,” she whispered as she dropped to her knees and quickly pulled my pants down. When my cock was free, she stroked it a few times, then pushed it down her throat.
“Mmm. I like this position better,” she said as sucked my cock down her throat again.
I took her head in both hands and fucked her throat to get those suction sounds made when my cock pushed the final two inched into her throat and pulled out. Her soft hair in my fingers added to her blowjob and was about to my me cum, so I stopped her.
“You should stop before I shoot off,” I said and pulled her to her feet.
“Okay. I just like to do that for you.”
Then I pulled her tank top off to reveal her nice, plump tits. Then I pushed her shorts and panties to the floor. That’s when I saw her nice body for the first time; the nice body that I was about to fuck.
I quickly pulled my t-shirt off and we crawled onto the bed. As we kissed hungrily, I got between her legs and pressed my hard cock against her wet pussy.
“Oh, Bill. Do me now. I want this so bad,” she said as she reached down and rubbed my cock on her clit.
I let her guide it to her vagina, then made a quick push to pop her cherry.
“Ow! Ow! It hurt!” she groaned.
So, I stopped and we kissed until the pain went away. She was shaking with fright, so I said, “It’s over now, Donna. The pain won’t last long.”
“It’s going away now,” she replied as she started to slowly thrust.
“Put your legs around my waist,” I whispered. As she did, I slowly pushed my nine-inch cock into her body.
“Mmm. You feel so good,” she moaned as she began to thrust with me.
I couldn’t believe that I was fucking gorgeous little Donna Jackson, the cutest cheerleader on the squad. Her tiny body was squirming and thrusting under me as I fucked it. I had to stop before I shot off.
“Why did you stop?” Donna asked.
“I don’t want to cum yet.”
“Okay. And you shouldn’t cum inside me either.”
“I wish I had a condom.”
“Me too. But you can cum in my throat. I like that.”
“Okay,” I said as I started to thrust again. Donna moaned and began to thrust as well.
“This feels so good, Bill. I wish you could cum inside me.”
The thought of shooting off inside darling little Donna’s body sent me over the edge. I was about to cum, so I pulled out and straddled her chest. She saw my urgency and quickly let me push my cock down her throat. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her nose to my stomach just in time. I groaned loudly as my cock exploded in her throat, sending hard spurts of cum down her gullet and into her stomach.
“Cusks!” Donna coughed on the first hard spurt, but let the rest slide down with no problem.
I made a fist with her soft hair as I looked down at her face buried in my stomach. I had just popped Donna Jackson’s cherry and now I was shooting off in her throat. I was in heaven!
When my balls were empty, I slowly pulled my cock from Donna’s throat as she sucked it to get any remaining cum. She looked so adorable and sexy as she sucked the head.
“Ow! Careful. It’s really sensitive afterward.”
“Oh, sorry.”
I rolled over and pulled her on top of me. She laid her head on my shoulder and said, “I’m so glad that you were my first lover. I want to use a condom next time so you can cum inside me.”
“I’d love to do that,” I said as I ran my fingers through her soft brown hair. That’s when I realized that I was falling in love with her.
“Oh! Guess what?” she asked.
“I told my mom that you thought she was hot and she smiled and said, ‘Really? He is a real stud.’ So, I think you can have her if you’d just ask her out.”
“I’d feel awkward doing that her husband is my doctor!”
“I know. Just think about it. I believe she’d say yes.”
– – – – –
Donna and I fell into a routine of getting a room every other Saturday and we fucked our brains out. I always had plenty of condoms and I showed her the doggie position and the cowgirl position. She loved them all, but still preferred the missionary position.
– – – – –
Then one day I was at the grocery store and saw Marie there in the soup aisle. So, I walked over to her and said hello.
“Well, hi Bill. I see that you and my daughter are getting along nicely.”
“Yes. Donna is a real sweetheart.”
“She is!”
As we walked slowly along the aisle, I mustered my courage and said, “Marie, I know that I’m a lot younger than you, but you are really attractive and I was wondering if you’d have dinner with me sometime?” I spat the words out too fast and she could probably tell that I was nervous.
“Well! That would be nice, Bill. Vince doesn’t take me out very often. He prefers my cooking.”
“Great, Marie! What night would be best for you?”
“Oh, jeez! I guess a Saturday night.”
“Is next Saturday night okay?”
“Sure! Why don’t I meet you in the Sears parking lot so people won’t gossip?”
“Good idea. But what about dinner?”
“Well, we could drive to Mayfield. There’s a nice little restaurant there with a wonderful buffet.”
“Great! What time should we meet?”
“Let’s meet a six. It’s a forty-five-minute drive to Mayfield.”
“Good idea. I’ll see you then,” and started to walk away.
“Bill, you can walk with me while I shop. We can talk.”
“Oh! Okay,” I responded, thrilled to be with gorgeous Marie Jackson.
As we walked through the aisles talking, I could smell her intoxicating perfume and was about to briefly brush my arms against her long hair. It felt like a cool breeze and I was desperate to grab a handful of it and stuff it into my mouth.
Finally overwhelmed, I said, “Marie, your hair is so gorgeous and long. It looks so soft and silky!” I was being forward to compliment her so quickly.
“Aww. That’s sweet, Bill. I take good care of it. Would you like to feel it?”
“Oh gosh! I don’t know,” I said, even though I wanted to so badly.
“Go ahead! I really don’t mind.”
So, as my cock grew, I reached out and ran my finger from the top of her head, all the way down to the ends. “Oh wow! It is really soft; like a gentle breeze in my fingers. I could do this for hours!”
“Well, this is not a good place to do that. Why don’t you wait until next Saturday night?”
“Sure, if you promise me.”
“I promise.” Then she looked around, saw no one, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.
“Mmm! Marie! That’s a dangerous thing to do.”
“Really? Why’s that?”
“Well, to be kissed by the hottest woman in town is dangerous. You’re too gorgeous. I would want a longer kiss.”
“Well, Saturday night you can have a longer one.” Then she put her hand on my cheek and gave me a brief French kiss. She was so short that she was up on her tip-toes and I had to bend over.
“Oh, now you’ve done it,” I said, knowing full well that I’d be fucking her next Saturday night.
“Done what?” she said innocently, knowing exactly what I meant.
“Actually, I shouldn’t say.”
“Come on, Bill. Surely the high school basketball star center is not tongue-tied.”
“No, I just think that since we’ve just met, that I should keep certain thoughts to myself.”
“Oh! That sounds intriguing!” she whispered as she pressed her body to mine and looked seductively into my eyes.
I swallow, took a deep breath, and said, “Maire. I’m really turned on to you right now.”
“I know,” she said as she slid her hand down to my bulging pant leg, never breaking eye contact with me.
When I felt her hand squeeze my cock, I almost fainted. “Marie. You’d better stop before I take you right here on the floor!” I whispered.
“Mmm! I think you’re serious,” she whispered in return and released my cock.
I was suddenly overwhelmed by Marie’s beauty and by her provocative actions. I grabbed her around the waist, pulled her body willingly to mine, and we kissed.
We were really getting hot and heavy when an old lady walked by and said, “Get a room!”
We broke our kiss, laughed, and walked on. We knew that next Saturday night we’d be having sex all night.
– – – – –
Step-Daughter and Mother 3Saturday night finally arrived and I picked Marie up in the Sears parking lot. She looked so gorgeous that I pulled her lips to mine and we kissed for five minutes.
“Oh, Bill! Maybe we should just skip dinner and find a room for the night.”
“I was thinking the same thing, but I’m hungry.”
“Okay. Oh, by the way, Vince is in Lexington for the Wildcats game tonight, so we can spend the night together.”
“Oh god. Really?”
“Yes. We can go back to my house and spend the night there. Vince will call after the game.”
“But people will see my car in your driveway!”
“No. You can pull into the garage. Vince’s car will be gone and he won’t be back until late afternoon. So, we’ll have a lot of time to make love. Besides, I haven’t had sex in three years, so I hope you’re prepared for a long night. You’re not going to get any sleep.”
Marie was nibbling on my ear and rubbing my hard-on, which was about to drive me crazy! “To spend the night with you, Marie, I’d willingly stay up all night.”
As I drove to Mayfield, Marie rubbed my bulge and nibbled on my ear. She was about to make me shoot off when she whispered in my ear, “Would you like a blowjob while you drive?”
“Of course! But you’d better hurry because I’m already close to shooting off.”
“Take it out for me,” she whispered.
So, I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.
Marie took it in her hand and said, “Oh my goodness! You’re really big!” Then she leaned down and licked off the pre-cum that was oozing out, moaned, then slipped my cock deep into her mouth.
I was so close to cumming that I took control and pushed her head down, forcing my cock down her tight throat.
“Agh!” she gagged, but let me hold her head down as my cock began to spurt.
“Cusks! Cusks! she coughed on almost every hard spurt but hung in there until my balls and prostate were drained. Then she sat up.
“Wow! I think that’s the largest load I’ve ever swallowed!” she whispered as she kissed me on the cheek.
“I’m sure there will be more after dinner.”
“I sure hope so, because I’m really horny.”
– – – – –
I could write a whole story just about that night with Marie in her house, in her bed. We fucked in every conceivable position and she had an orgasm in each one!
That became our routine. Every time Marie’s husband would drive to Lexington for a Wildcats game, we’d spend the night together. Fucking Marie Jackson was such a thrill that I wanted to tell all of my friends, but couldn’t. But years later, I did. The only proof I had was just one photo that she let me take of her sucking me off. I was standing in front of a mirror and she was on her knees with my cock halfway down her throat. It was easy to tell that it was Marie Jackson.
– – – – –
But, I also continued to see Donna. We’d fallen in love and we both wanted to end my relationship with her step-mother. So, one day I told Marie everything and she wasn’t surprised.
“I know all about your little rendezvous with my step-daughter. I’m happy for both of you. She’s your age and perfectly suited for you; and you for her.”
“Wow! Why didn’t you say anything?”
“Because I was enjoying our affair too much. The sex we have together is so good that I didn’t want to spoil everything. But now that it’s out in the open, I think you two should get married. Is that your plan?”
“It is. I’ve already asked her and she said Yes.”
“Good. Then Vince and I will throw you a big wedding and pay for your honeymoon. Pick somewhere nice and romantic.”
“We were thinking Hawaii would be nice.”
“Wonderful! Then Hawaii it will be!”