I am married to Vinod Agarwal who
now heads the south east region of a global telecom
company. I read with my friend Curly, stories posted
and enjoy how the writers narrate their experiences.
Often reading and
enjoying these stories together have led us to orgasm
together. I am not a lesbian as such, but during those
moments, Curly’s hand on my choot and her licking of
my juices would give me immense pleasure. Given
opportunity it is hard to deny oneself the pleasure
of sex. It only heightens the pleasure the more you
have sex and obscenity with it. These stories gave me
courage to describe how my choot led my husband to
this high position. I am now 32 years old, have two
k**s daughter 10 and son 6. I am tall, good and sexy
in appearance and like socializing and outing. We
live in Hongkong and visit India during holidays.
After coming to Hongkong, the chudai that I started in
Mumbai has continued. My husband not only knows about
the lunds which chodo me, but also often invites his
friends and business associates for a sex party. Ab
to mujhay agar naya naya lund dosray tesray din naheen
milay to maza naeheen aata. Magar mujhay itna
chudwanay ka shauq hua kaisay, yeh aaj main aapsay
share karongi.

About 14 years ago, we married in 1996 after Vinod
returned from States with Masters Degree in Telecom. I
had done my MBA. We belong to *****abad and our
parents were old friends which lead to our wedlock.
Before my marriage, I had experience sex only once
except for that, I was not very fond of chudai with
anyone either before or after marriage. The only
experience I had before marriage was with my college
Principal with whom we had chudai few times because
again one of my class mates persuaded me. If I will
have time, I will narrate what led to my kunwanri
choot deflowered by the Principal, who had been
choding me during my two years at the college. He
lived in the Principal’s bungalow in the premises of
the College with his old servant Sia Ram. Principal Sb
was himself either bachelor or had left his wife. Sia
Ram was his main aide in arranging things and he knew
all the girls who came for chudai with Principal Sb.
He would also benefit from the opportunity as often
girls were quite keen for Sia Rams’ desi black lund.
Since I had not grown very fond of chudai by then, Sia
Ram’s few advanced did not yield him my newly fucked
choot, I knew of some of my friends who were more
fond of Sia Ram than the Principal Sb.

After my marriage, I never had any desire or may be
real opportunity to have another lund. It was after
about six years of married life that one occasion,
which I am going to describe in detail, opened the
flood gates of my desire to have my choot filled with