Bala had cleaned the house and gone back. Now he would
come next morning. After my experience, my thoughts
kept wandering around so many things, including Bala,
how he stared at my naked body and how he asked if
“bibi ji arr u busy”….. and “r u going for something,
special”…. I started interpreting everything sexually
and suddenly my attitude changed. Mrs. Nigam lived
in the next block, and no soon that I had returned she
came and rang the bell. I was not in mood to
entertain anyone as I was tired and wanted to close my
eyes and think of Jims lund and nothing else.
Reluctantly I opened the door to find that it was Mrs.
Nigam. She came in, oh, Sheela where have you been, I
came here so many times, I wanted to tell you
something, but you were not here. Your servant Bala
told me you had gone somewhere with your friend. She
was all excited and perhaps bursting to tell me
something. Yes Mrs. Nigam, I had to go with my friend
for some work. Bolo kiya pet main pak raha hai ? You
know Sheela, your servant, Bala, he is great chodo.
Mrs. Bhojani who lives in the building behind mine, I
caught Bala choding her when I went to her house, she
had forgotten to lock the door, and inside what I saw
was Bala and his donkey like lund in Mrs.
Bhojani………ma, who kitney besharam hai. Main wapas
anay lagi to boli, Mrs. Nigam, ab aa gai hai to baith
ja, Bala tumhari seva bhi kar dega. Sheela I never
thought so about this boy. Has he ever done this with
you ? I was not in mood for these at this time so I
snubbed her and told her, Mrs. Nigam why don’t you go
and enjoy Bala’s gadhay jaisa lund, and leave me
alone. I am not interested. Perhaps she did not know
that I was going for another class. Not encouraged,
she left, I went to my room, and started wondering
about Bala’s lund and the event of the day………. I
went to sleep, to be awakened by Vinod’s kiss on my
chuchi…. Half asleep, I said, oh Jim, not again…… I
turned myself to other side and kept sleeping. After
making tea, Vinod , woke me again. Seeing him, I got
up, washed my face and sat for the tea. I was silent,
so was he, none knew how to start …… Then Vinod said,
were you dreaming about your adventure? beause when I
kissed your choochi, yu said, no Jim not again, did he
hurt you too much ? I blushed, oh no, Vinod,
darling, and then I narrated everything in detail…..
as my description continued, his lund started rising,
taking it out, he asked, Sheela is Jim bigger than
this ? Yes Vinod, he is much bigger than this, he
really tore my choot, if it was not for you, I would
never would have let him fuck me….. Oh, Sheela,
come on, don’t put it on me, you enjoyed it did you
not ? Yes I did enjoy but all the time I though of you
and that you would not mind it. No Sheela, honey,
don’t feel guilty, I did permit you, yes I have no
objection, it is your choot enjoy it anyway you
like………. He kissed me again. We sipped tea had a
shower thereafter, watched TV and went for an early