Part 1

If you saw Mrs Cartwright in the street you would not think she was a devoted piss pervert. She at 60 plus, dressed so conservatively you would think she was utterly sexless. That’s what I thought, until afternoon tea last month.
We were neighbours and I used to do a few small jobs for her and in turn she used to reward me with delightful afternoon teas.

That afternoon, she seemed to drink a lot of tea – at least four cups – and not once did she go to the toilet. She must have been bursting because I was. Finally, she excused herself to go for what she called a tinkle.
Leaving the door open I noticed she used the toilet nearby and again left the door open – although I could not see a thing. But then I heard her cascading a heavy stream of piss into the bowl. Then it suddenly stopped. She still did not come back. Then I heard a moaning very softly ….’oh yes, lovely, umm, come on that’s it’ or similar. Suddenly an almighty shout.

I though she was dying on the shitter, so I rushed straight in. What a sight. Skirt hoisted up, knickers down and fat thighs wide apart with her fingers up her big fat hairy cunt, I got an instant stiffy. She looked so fucking horny and gorgeous.

Embarrassed she should have been, but not a bit.
‘I’m sorry that you have to find me like this Harry but I just could not take my eyes off the bulge in your trousers and had to cum, I was so fucking horny. As you have probably gathered I am an out and out water sports lover and can only cum when pissing or squirting. However, from the looks of you nice hard cock, you may have a similar fetish’.
Watching her finish off her last few drops did turn me on. And as she obviously wanted, I got out my now flaccid thick six incher and forced open her legs even further and pissed over her fanny.

She absolutely loved it. After cleaning up we had a very dirty intimate chat. She loved talking dirty did Mrs Cartwright.
‘Well Harry, I expect that was a big surprise. I am a very horny old fat lady who absolutely adores piss play. In fact, it’s so bad I can only orgasm when doing so. Most men run a mile when they find out what turns me on, but I suspect you might like to become my piss pal.’

What could I say? And why would I turn up the opportunity to fuck a lovely fat and floppy OAP on a regular basis?
Sitting down with yet another pot of tea, Marion told me that she got into her fetish, when after having a couple of k**s her bladder got ‘unreliable’.

‘One night when my hubby and I were having a great fuck, and I started to cum, I squirted out a big gush of piss. It was great, like I was like a guy, cumming spunk. And it made my orgasm really strong. Of course, hubby loved it. In fact, it got to the stage that after he shot his juice into me, he then pissed in me as well, filling my cunt right up. The feeling was fucking fantastic’.