I woke up slowly and peacefully. My eyes fluttered open to the defused light of the early morning coming through the sheer curtains of my bedroom. The bigger realization of the start of the day was I was still in the arms of a man. Well, maybe it was more like my arm was d****d over his lower rib cage as I lay on my side, which is why my eyes took in the filtered light of the window on the other side of the room. I kissed his upper chest/shoulder where my head was resting and I wiggled my naked body up tighter to his naked form and sighed deeply … my god, what a man.

I raised my head and sought out the bedside alarm clock. It read 6:20. I knew he had set the alarm for 6:30. That allowed him time to shower, shave, and dress with enough time to safely make the drive to his assignment. He allowed an hour, though it was probably a 40 to 45-minute drive during rush hour. But, I knew he would never be late for an assignment. It was one of his rules. He lived by his rules, but somehow, he still managed to be spontaneous and unpredictable, especially when he was relaxed. He confided that he had a problem with ‘relaxed’ but it was one of the things he found happened easier around me. Little things make you feel good. That was one of them for me.

That 10 minutes wasn’t much time, not enough time, but it was sufficient to remind him. So, I snaked my way under the top sheet we slept under, sliding down along his muscular body, giving that body a kiss periodically along the way until I came to his snake. More like an anaconda as far I was concerned. I might have run away the first time I saw it but the relationship we anticipated then seemed worth the trial of this monster. Flaccid, as it was now, his cock is 6-½ inches long. Fully erect, it is 11-½ inches long and 3 inches wide. After a few times together, when it seemed like we might have something real between us, I wanted to measure it. He resisted, feeling embarrassed and sensitive about it, but I persisted until he gave in. Half his size would be about normal in the world.

As I gently picked it up from where it was d****d between his legs and brought it to lay on his left thigh, I still found it amazing. I was sure our earliest attempts at sex were as frustrating for him as it was for me. But, as I would no sooner reject a relationship with a guy with a small penis, I wasn’t going to reject one because he had a penis that seemed too big. It deserved a good patient effort and patient effort is what it took, patience on his part and effort on mine.