Suggestions for far distance control of slaveslut
My name is Guenter aka gunnarsub from the Rhein-Main in Germany. I am a 73y old submissive German secret sissyfag and wannabe slaveslut in need for utmost humiliation.

I crave becoming a bootlicker and cocksucker, forced to obey without a safeword as a worthless, piss-drinking sissy whore with no way out!

I dream having to enter a sadistic sexual blackmail relationship with a strict and relentless MISTRESS.
But I am too coward to submit to a MISTRESS. I need to be FORCED to do so, having no alternative to absolute submission.

With this file in hands any MISTRESS has already more than sufficient material to bring me to heel and it is easy to get more. Out of my control there is a video clip available in the net at xhamster, in which I am on display with my full name and place, and clearly recognizable with my face declare by oath that I am a sissyslut, a cocksucker, a bootlicker, and a pantypisser who craves to get pissed on, fucked, and humiliated by males, shemales, and females. Furthermore, I state therein that I want to get forced into sexual slavery by my Superiors and that I request and authorize my Superiors to use force to compel my obedience.

Moreover, in my cloud there is a SLAVE CONTRACT available for download, stipulating that I want to enter an unlimited sadistic sexual blackmail relationship for the sole purpose of being absolutely and utterly owned. In there are links to further most compromising material.

When I am horny, I put myself at the risk of discovery by uploading this file for some time to the net, knowing very well that somebody might come across, download a copy, and have me at my balls. But traffic on most sites like Fetster or xhamster is rather poor, thus I usually get away with my risky game.

MISTRESS, when YOU read these lines, YOU NOW HAVE ME AT MY BALLS. Do not hesitate to download this file for use at YOUR discretion! There is NO COPYRIGHT!

Even if YOU are not interested to have me at YOUR mercy, why not repost the file in the net wherever YOU like, thus exposing me permanently?

But if YOU like to have me at my balls, send me a mail to [email protected] Say something like:

Hello Guenter,

We have a copy of your Suggestions for far distance control! We have you at your balls, you kinky sissyfag!!! As of now your ass belongs to us!!!

Got the point, slaveslut?

If YOU live within travelling distance, break me ruthlessly during personal sessions!

Be as sadistic, cruel, merciless, and mean as YOU like! Force me into a life at YOUR mercy, completely helpless, and coerced into doing the sluttiest things to please and amuse YOU and YOUR friends.

The language I understand best is the language of the whip! I should have to fear the whip constantly! YOU, the MISTRESS, are not subject to any restrictions on how YOU humiliate, punish, and torture me. On the contrary, I hope that YOU will treat me particularly mean and brutal.