This is part of our memoirs.

Currently we are on holiday with a couple, long time friends of ours that we’ve met more than a decade ago only recently had a conversation about our sex lives. We’ve discovered to have a lot in common and decided to go somewhere together and try out what we’ve talked about.

Today in the morning my wife gave us both a blowjob with prostate massage holding a deepthroat during ejaculation. Then she expertly cleaned both our cocks. All with a big smile.. Feels amazing. She said she wants a long double penetration in return this evening. She’s going to get it for sure.

Just finished pleasuring Suzi. 4 huge orgasms and almost 2 hours of very sensual massage in between hard-core double penetration sex. Her vagina was dripping wet and extremely swollen. We used up quite a lot of lube to make her butthole nice and slippery. I was doing her ass and my friend was fucking her pussy and he finished inside her twice during that time. Seen him doing sloppy seconds after himself and making huge mess after his first ejaculation.

After seeing how my wife gives prostate massage, my friends wife made an attempt to do it too. She was doing pretty well and will only get better at it.

This morning I woke up to a gentle touch of my friends wife Agatha taking care of my morning boner with her lips and tongue. I turned my head and saw Suzi already being fucked missionary by my friend on his bed. I took Agatha by her sexy hips, positioned her for a 69 and began to taste her lovely, moist, inviting vagina, licking off her juices as she moaned licking and sucking my cock.
At one point I used my finger to stretch her butthole to prepare it for what was coming next.
After a while when her rectum relaxed a bit I told her that I want her to put a dildo in her vagina while I use her butthole.
She was all warmed up and ready to give in. I applied some lube and had one of the greatest anal experiences of my life. Agatha’s reactions were perfect for my taste. I knew that she wasn’t experimenting with anal with her husband before.
She was probably encouraged seeing my wife already engaged in anal sex with her husband on the bed next to us.
Agatha was on her knees spreading her butt cheeks looking back at me asking to be gentle and start slow and shallow. She was both, a little bit frightened and so so horny to try this new thing for her.
After a while she was moaning and asking me to fuck her harder and deeper.
We both climaxed almost at the same time. She screamed loudly as I kept forcing myself into her rectum all the way over and over and hitting her clit with my balls. Her hands were spreading her ass to the limit. I grabbed her by her long hair and penetrated her even deeper than before to stay and pump my hot cum into her. She was pushing against my pulsating cock trying to grab my hips and pull me even deeper as she started her long laud orgasm.
We stayed like that for a while after.
We promised ourselves to repeat the experience soon.

And we did.
During the whole time we’ve been together I’ve played with Agatha this way several times but usually I made her happy from behind or missionary style. I’ve waited until she climax and then deepthroated her making her swallow my load. She turned out to be a very obedient girl and played with my cock exactly the way I told her to, swallowing everything then sucking and licking my cock afterwards to clean it.

My wife apart from having us both double penetrating her was having sex with my friend many times during our stay. He was doing her bareback and ejaculated inside her on several occasions. He likes to watch my wife sucking his cock which she was doing on a regular basis. He also made her swallow his load ejaculating on her tongue and watching her.
I managed to film some of their fun but usually was busy having fun with Agatha.

Our holiday is coming to an end. We’re trying to make the best of what’s left. I fucked Agatha several more times. We did my wife Suzi the way she likes it.

Life went back to normal.
The only thing we regret is not doing this when we were a lot younger. But better late than never i guess.