Summer of 93’
Nothing Compares To You
Part V

I got in a good 30 mile ride and a 1500 yard swim in the gulf, the beach showers were shut off so I had to drive home with drying saltwater all over me.

Once home, Maggi, Natalie and Donna were sitting naked together in the living room drinking wine and talking. If I wasn’t so stinky and itchy I would have just laid on the floor and let them fuck my brains out. But I was stinking and really itchy.

Running through, I said, “Showers at beach broken, got to go to pool!”

I jumped in the swim spa and turned on all the jets and current motors, went under the water, swam around. Upon surfacing Maggi, Natalie and Donna were sitting on the ledge, naked with their legs spread.

“Holy shit!”, I exclaimed as my eyes focused on the three pussies. They didn’t say a word, I knew what was expected of me this was a test, like when your wife goes to the beauty salon, she comes home and asks you how she looks, you better notice everything and compliment her on it.

I focused in on Maggi, she had the most hair to start with. I never had a problem with a furry pussy, this was all Maggi’s idea, the bathing suit styles were were all going to the t-back and what I called the t-front. Maggi loved wearing t-backs to the beach and was getting self conscious, so she called in the landscapers.

Maggi’s bush was radically different, all her labia hair was gone, her beautiful jet black bush, gone replaced by a strip two fingers wide.

Donna’s was as I remembered, she always had smooth labia and a 3 finger wide bush, It looks like she just did a touch-up if anything.

Natalie had a natural near hairless pussy, she was Nordic blond with ice blue eyes and blond on blond hair. Her pussy had a small triangle of curly blond hair, that was soft and lovely in my opinion. Well it was gone, there wasn’t one hair on her entire pussy not one.

After my mental evaluation was complete I said, “Wow, I’m impressed.”

Maggi said as she spread her legs wider, “You know you ran right through without kissing us hello.”

That evil smile came to my face and I moved in between her legs as she spread her lips for me. I kissed and licked her pussy, she was wet and I could taste her, it was so beautiful. I moved over to Donna and she did the same, I licked her open vagina right up to her clit, she shuttered a little. Then to Natalie, she barely spread her pink lips and said, “I hope you like it.” I kissed her and forced my tongue into her opening and tasted my angel Natalie.

The three of them jumped in the water and we all kissed and hugged. Maggi had the most to tell so she filled me in with the details. Apparently a good amount of wine was consumed by Maggi and Natalie as an anesthetic; Donna caught up after the waxing was complete. Then Natalie told me about her experience and as I thought Donna just did a little touch up.