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Often told her former ex that it can’t be real! And said that it must a lot of pain for a white woman to have the whole thing in her pussy and her ass.As the time went on she often started to watch those kind of scenes and masturbate to them!

Her ex talked to her and asked her if she would had the chance to get fucked by a black man she would do it or not! Susanna was negative at first! Said NO! When she started to like the idea months later she said maybe but siad to her ex that she would’t be able to get such a big cock in her and that she doesn’t like to have any pain

Months later her former ex got a promotion to his work.He works at a company in Austria.So now had an office and was responsible for people underneath him.One day the board said he with other must travel to USA to take some kind of education to new machines that the company will import from there.It would be a 2 weeks trip and the company covered hotel and transportaion and dinner and such.

So as most members that got the choice to travel was her ex too and they all could bring their wifes or girlfriends with them.So he proposed it to Susanna and as her first k** was very small she could leave her to her parents to look after and they could talk on the phone for a short time.No internet was exist back then

So they got the flight to the US.They settled at a nice hotel and their counterparts welcome them.First 2-3 days was adjustment.Along with other women went out for shopping and see things that had never seen before.At the fourth day her ex said to Susanna now that they were there if she would agree to have sex with a Black man! Susanna said sure if there is a chemistry and so on