Derek said to Celia she’s all yours as he sat next to Frank lighting a cigarette

Take off your dress I was instructed, I couldn’t reach the zip so she started in for me
I stepped out of it , hang it up she ordered, and take your tights off .

Standing in front of her she took photos of me in my pink bra and knickers , turn around, and pull your knickers down a little , I obeyed.

I could hear the camera clicking and the other camera printing the pictures, touch your toes
Hearing clicking .
She told me to pull my knickers up she then showed me the Polaroid pictures that had been taken.

I could see how red my bottom was and the purple welts with the little white string hanging down.

The next one me bent over and the string coming out of my anus ,for some reason this really excited me I felt really feminine.
She then showed me sitting on Derek’s cock, I appeared to be smiling , my buttocks was touching his balls,

The next picture he had pulled my legs back my buttocks was glowing red and I could see the bottom of his Shaft sticking out of my anus.

The next two was me bent over the chair one with Derek fucking me , then Frank inside me.

The showed me the picture of cum trickling out of me .

You really are a dirty girl sent you, I nodded
Say thank you to Derek and Frank and thanked the both.

So Christine would you like to have me and stick you little cock inside me

Yes please I replied eagerly,
Im going for a pee then we will start , she stood up to go to the bathroom when Derek said no.!

Give her a drink. Celia laughing said really , both Derek and Frank said yes

Ok Celia said, go and get a couple of towels , I ran off and bought them back and layed them on the floor, Celia was finishing her glass of wine.

Get on your knees Christine, I dropped to the floor, looking down at me she unzipped her dress it fell to the floor,

I gasped at her standing infont of me wearing a black lace bra her ample breasts and her nipple’s was erect
She was wearing matching suspender belt and knickers and I could see her bush of pubic hair except for magazine’s I had never seen anything like this , I thought I was going to cum..

Laughing pull my knickers down bitch.
I reached up and eased them down Derek was taking more pictures , I pulled them down to her ankles and could see the gusset , it was soaking wet. She stepped out of them . Derek pick them up in your mouth , while clicking the camera.
I bent down my tongue felt how wet they was as it slipped across the cotton of the gusset I picked them up.