[ Dedicated to two young people who are boldly exploring the future of what it can mean to be a couple, sexually engaged, and yet not bound by former rules and ideas about such things (such as ‘monogamy’). You’ve inspired me! Thanks, and I hope this story brings at least a smile to both of you! ]

“I want to start doing something that you and I haven’t done before,” Tara said to her notional ‘boyfriend’, Robert.

“What is that?”

She had him follow her to her apartment bedroom. She closed the door behind them. Then she opened up the bottom draw to her dresser, and produced a gift-wrapped box. It even had a nice little (pink) bow! As she handed the box to Robert, she was smiling. ‘Beaming’, would be more accurate.

“What is it?” Robert asked holding the box and examining it curiously.

“Open it and find out!” Tara said.

Robert untied the ribbon, tore off the paper the box was wrapped in, and then open it.

“What?” He said as he took out what he already knew was called a ‘chastity cage.’

Still smiling, Tara said: “Your going to start wearing this.” She wasn’t asking if he wanted to, but that he was very definitely going to wear it.

“This is a chastity cage,” Robert said, immediately recognizing it for what it was for.

“Duh,” Tara replied, still wearing that same eager smile. “That’s exactly what it is! AND,” she reached out and took the opened package from him and took the device out and held it up in the light, “your going home WEARING it. From now on out, I’M going to be the one deciding when, and/or if, you get to jack-off.”

Robert was surprised at this revelation, but not entirely. Tara had already teased him that he was such a “flagrant masturbator”, as Tara had called it. It wasn’t that she actually thought he masturbated too much. She didn’t at all. But for the fun of it she wanted to experiment with putting Robert in chastity, and see just how much control she could get him to submit to. Besides, even though they were ‘dating’, in a notional sense, she’d made it clear to Robert that he could never expect her to be anything like monogamous; and, to her delighted surprise, he’d accept the idea!

Their relationship was somewhat different than most dating couples—perhaps the biggest difference was that they didn’t have sexual intercourse. Though Tara liked Robert, she’d become used to dating (i.e. fucking) black guys; of which that part of Florida seemed to have an abundant supply of! So, though Robert was a very thoughtful, considerate, polite, and intelligent guy (which were all excellent qualities in any one)…the one thing he lacked, was a sufficiently big enough cock to do to her what she’d grown accustomed to with black guys! Surprisingly, when Tara had told Robert this (and she tried not to hurt his feelings as she did) he agreed with her completely!