This is not a real story….

There’s a beautiful girl named manasa married to a well settled guy. She’s 26 and he’s 31. Both were decided not to have c***d for 2 years. So they were using protection in sex. As days goes by, manasa’s husband got busy in work as he’s passionate about his work. Manasa was a horny woman who craves for her husband’s love. She felt there’s little emotional connection between them but her love towards husband was still the same. One day, her husband had a trip to other city for 4 days. Manasa only has her best friend in the city. So she decided to spend 4 days with her friend. Her friend was not married.On first day,both spent a night together talking about their college day night, kavya (manasa friend) asked manasa to come to pub along with her. Manasa denied it but kavya forced her. Finally manasa agreed to it. Both went to pub around 10 pm. Both were having soft drinks. Kavya was looking hot in her outfit. Manasa was looking seductive in her white sleeveless tank top and black leggings.manasa was excited visiting pub for first time. She was in joy. There’s a guy sitting in the corner named rupesh He’s 6 ft tall well built quite a hot guy. His eyes were stuck on manasa seductive body. He was a confident guy. Approached manasa without any hesitation. As manasa is an innocent soul and treats everyone equally,she was being nice with rupesh. Both were having healthy conversation. Kavya went to other side as she don’t want to interrupt their discussion. Rupesh saw a chain on manasa chest and asked if she’s married. Manasa in a shy tone said , yes I’m a married woman. Rupesh didn’t stop questioning manasa about her life. Manasa was being patient in replying to his every question. rupesh asked manasa what if any guy seduce you here as it’s not a safe place for married women. She replied that she has come along with her friend. Rupesh eyes were searching for her friend as she’s not around them. Manasa got tensed knowing kavya was not around her. Rupesh told manasa to calm down..Told her that he will accompany him till kavya arrives. Tension was building up in manasa as she find rupesh irresistible. His smile was intoxicating. Her hands were shaking a bit. Rupesh held her hand and told her not to be nervous. Not wasting a second,rupesh caressed manasa’s wrist and she twitched her body. She loved it but could not express it. But rupesh knew manasa was getting tempted by his moves. Then he ran his fingers on back of her neck..Caressing the skin all around her neck. Manasa shuddered and asked rupesh in a husky voice that leave her alone. Rupesh replied “I’m sure you’re enjoying this..But I don’t want you to give in easily..” manasa was soaking in sweat and rupesh sniffing the intoxicating fragrance of seductive manasa. Rupesh went behind manasa and grabbed her waist line slowly making sure no one noticing it. Manasa trembled with rupesh sensual move and her pussy tingles. A slight moan escaped from her lips. Her thoughts were revolving around her husband..So many questions hitting her “what if I give in to this hot stranger ” “why am I in this place without my husband” “what if my husband knows that I visited the pub ” but rupesh has only one thought. Seducing manasa till she couldn’t resist anymore and he’s on the way to it. Manasa was standing on a thin line. Give in or resist his moves.. rupesh heightened the intensity by caressing manasa supple skin behind the ears. Her eyes were half closed and felt her nipples getting stiff. Then kavya arrived, both rupesh and manasa looked at each other like nothing has happened. Manasa was relieved seeing kavya but she knew she’s in heaven in that little intense period. Both kavya manasa left the pub and rupesh was disappointed. When they reached home, kavya asked manasa that what was the discussion between her and rupesh at the pub. Manasa lied to kavya that it’s just a formal conversation. Manasa didn’t sleep that night as she’s so aroused and fingered herself to orgasm couple of times.