::Xhamster doesn’t allow for all the things that took place that weekend to shared…but what can be, is shared below in Kim’s account of her slave weekend. The pictures are also not all of Kim but a representation of what occurred that weekend.:::::

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Bill was the first to take advantage of Kim’s ass being high up in the air on the bed and he grabbed both ass checks with his hands, spreading them apart and burying his tongue into her gaped hole. He ran his tongue around the inside opening and then pressed it deep inside her as she moaned. Swirling his tongue around, tasting every bit of her, he held her tight against his face. Kim arched her back high, closing her eyes and pushing her pussy back further against Bill. She could feel her caged clit dripping as Bill’s saliva ran out of her pussy and onto the bed below.

TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend; P7 ((( Kim is eaten by a Craigslist stranger ))))

This only lasted for a few seconds before Frank climbed onto the bed in front of her, spreading his legs to the outside of her arms and sliding his cock, under her face. He had stripped down before laying on his back and she knew right what to do. She immediately dropped to her elbows, grabbing his tiny cock in her hands and begin sucking on it, swallowing it all the way down to his balls while Bill continued to work his tongue in and out of her pussy. Kim repeatedly deep throated Frank with ease, at times opening her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out and caressing his balls with it. She held his thighs with her hands as she worked his shaft, his hands deep in her hair.

Kim had almost forgotten about the other men in the room when Bill suddenly stopped licking her. For a few seconds she ignored it, still working Frank’s cock with her warm wet lips but she wanted more, she needed more. She moved her lips from Frank’s cock, and long thick bead of spit flowed from them and onto his shaft, running down onto his balls. She slid her body up Frank’s, rubbing his wet cock between her tits before putting her stretched wet pussy on it. She grinded her hips on him for a moment, letting his tiny cock slid between her ass checks and letting her cage touch his stomach. He held onto her hip as she looked him in the eyes before going in for a passionate kiss.

As Kim kissed him, their tongues interlocked, she reached back and took hold of his cock, pressing it against her hole. Rolling her hips back, his cock slid easily inside her and he let out a moan. Kim pulled her lips from his and sat up right, arching her back as she grinded on the small cock. It wasn’t very pleasurable for her but Frank was moving his hips and thrusting into her. She tightened her ass around him and he pulled her in for a quick hard pounding. For about 10 seconds he slammed his hips up fucking her as deep and fast as he could. Kim felt bad for him, barely feeling him in her but she knew he was loving it. Frank stopped thrusting for a second, breathing heavily. Kim leaned back forward to kiss him as he took a break, holding her ass checks spread apart his small cock buried in her wet pussy. Kim was mid kiss with Frank when she felt hands on her hips.
TGirl Kim Becomes a Slave for the Weekend; P7 2 ((((( Kim rides an old man bareback that she met on Craigslist just a few hours earlier )))))