I used to live in a duplex (a two-storeys apartment) in a small condo in which four other families lived. This condo had an open air swimming pool and, during summer it was a good refuge for those like me who really can’t stand hot and wet climate.
Hot and wet, however, is also my friend Simona.
Simona is not her real name, because she’s Thai, but her Thai name begins with an “S” and I used to call her “Simona”. Simona had come to Italy at the age of 10 and was the only Thai in my town. Her family owned a restaurant in a neighbouring town but they stayed in mine because it was cheaper.
My mother was Simona’s teacher at middle school (11 to 14 years) and proposed me to help Simona learning Italian and having a friend, so we became acquaintances at very young age.
As a teenage I didn’t use to go clubbing, partying or other crazy things, I practiced sport, studied and not much more so the chance to become friend with another girl was a good boost for me.
Even when we grew up, Simona and I were best friends. She didn’t have many friends, because guys thought that, being a Thai, she was a whore and girls were too much…party-girls and Simona didn’t feel as one of them.
She would rather take walks in a forest, horse riding in the country, cycling, running or swimming.
I was 22 and it was one of the hottest summers I remember, I was completely alone at home because my parents and my neighbours were on holidays, so the whole house and the swimming pool were at my disposal.
I was chatting with Simona, as always, and I finally had the brilliant idea to invite her home and enjoy the sun and the swimming pool. She found excuses but I convinced her.
Therefore why watching Thai porn and chatting with her online, when I could talk to her in bikini? She accepted and came to me at 4 pm. We enjoyed some lemonades, cups of tea and even a couple of shots of vodka.
She was really beautiful: her bronze skin magnified the contrast with the red bikini she wore and her short legs and nice boobs were as sexy as you can get. Her mouth sucking the lemonade through the straw looked a bit small for my…bigger straw but it was just a weird thoughts, because I had never seen Simona as fuckmeat.
Thai best friend turned slutty(I told Simona that Sai Tai Tiger was one of my favorite pornstars…if we don’t consider Sai’s slutty glance they looked similar)

At 7 we left the swimming pool and I proposed her to take a shower being going home, there were two baths after all.
She was a bit reluctant at first, as always, but once again I convinced her.
“Do you want to have dinner now, Simona? I can call the Thai restaurant, in case”
“ahaha you’ll never cease to amaze me. If you call the restaurant, let me speak to the chef”
“If Thai food has annoyed you, we can order a pizza”
“Let it be a pizza, but now it’s too soon. Can we order it later?”
“Let me call Carmine now and we’ll go and take it at 8.30 or 9…whenever you want”
“At 9”
“Why so late?” I asked
“Too hot, and we…drank too much vodka hehe”
“You just took one shot”
“I’m 40 kg”
“hehe 40 kg of beauty”
Simona got near and stared at my eyes for a while.
“What was that, Simona?”
“You really can’t understand women, David!”
“What do you mean?”
“Please, sit down”
We sat on a blue sofa, a great background for her orange short skirt and very revealing white top covering brown skin.
Simona stared at me and almost cried.

“What’s up, cutie?” I asked.
“Do you think I’m beautiful?”
“How many times have I told you?”
“And you still have some doubts?”
“Other guys keep asking me to suck their cocks, if I let them destroy my ass and other horrible things like this”
“Well, sex is not that horrible!”
“The way the say those thing is”
“I imagine…”
“You have always been my rock, when something went bad I knew you were there for me”
“And always will”
“And you…you don’t understand what this means for me?”
“You’ve protected me, supported me, helped me, given me little presents I still own…”
“Simona, speak to me clear! You’re making me confused”
She touched my left cheek with her right hand, smiling but in a sad way.
“I can never thank you enough. You’ve made me feel at home so far from my real home…”
This time it was my turn to caress her cheek and chin.

“Are you telling me you’re going away?”
“No, David. I’m 19 now, I’m still a virgin because…because I wanted…I wanted you to be my first guy”
I got hung between the words “virgin” and “because” I wanted to make weird jokes “mesuckyfucky” lol but I was speechless because I really didn’t expect it.
“Why haven’t you said anything before? I have stayed with Hillary who broke my heart, Claudia who still hates me, Mary…”
“Yeah, I had to swallow all that”
I wanted Simona to swallow some other things in that moment.
“How long have you been in love with me?”
“Since…since I can remember”
“Oh, the day has finally come”
I touched her cheek, rolled her short black hair behind her ears at the same time and got my mouth next to hers. We kissed. As soon as our lips touched, I was launched in another dimension. Simona was not anymore my best friend, she has become my best friend “with benefits”.
My hands fell down on her shoulders and caressed her arms. I raised her hand and kissed the back of it. I wanted to suck her little fingers but I thought it could have been a bit too weird lol so I kissed her neck.

“I couldn’t wait anymore, David”
While I was kissing her neck, my hands reached her legs and started digging under her skirt. She strongly grabbed my shirt and pulled me towards her to kiss me on my lips.
I encircled her lower lip with both mine and used my tongue to refresh all that I can refresh.
She pushed me off, unbuttoned my shirt from bottom upwards and kissed me everywhere my skin was bared. When she finally got to my neck, chin and, again, lips, I was completely filled with passion and love.
I lowered Simona’s skirt and massaged the lower area of her belly, almost tickling her to the clit zone. Her small clit was in my hands…or better it was touched by my fingers. I blew on her clit as my fingers gently shook it.
Her pussy twitched. My fingers run up and down her pussy, slowly brushed against that.
I was indecisive on what to do…to lick her pussy or go back to her mouth? Simona solved the problem by touching my face with both her hands to give me another kiss, rich in tongue twirling.
She went down kissing me from mouth to chin, to neck, to shoulder, to chest, to stomach, to navel, to belly. Every inch she kissed was a step closer to the chime of sexual appetite. I had to stood up and put off my cock with my trousers slightly lowered.
Simona smiled and in her eyes I could read: “Finally”. I smiled with her. She hit her nose with my cock when giving two firm scroll.
“You know, David, I have given some handjobs but”
“Who’s the bastard? I’m going to kick his ass”
“Ahaha calm down, my Knight! I always wanted you, just you”
I had to bend down to kiss my short and lovely Thai.
“Your cock is big for me, will it hurt me?”
“Nah…why would it? In case just tell…just shout to me”
“lol don’t break me…well break but don’t hurt me…well hurt me but not too much”
“ahaha it’s a cock not a hammer”
“My pussy is tight, I’m tiny”
I placed the head of my cock next to her…entrance and I could see clearly it needed to be stretched but…if pornstars can take a cock more than 50% bigger than mine, she could take my 7″ without too many troubles.
Evil David, anyway, came out and I told her to try and put her ankles on my shoulders, her knees pressed against her boobs. Her back and ass got a nice angle and my cock could easily get inside Simona who tried to spread them a bit but couldn’t. I saw Simona’s pussy getting filled with my cock and a wind of passion blew my head: I kissed her feet and I could promptly noticed she loved it by the creamy liquor I felt around my cock. I bent down some more and kissed Simona.
Thai best friend turned slutty 2(not a Thai but I couldn’t find a better photo for POV)