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It was Sunday morning. We arrived at the hospital at about 7 am in our car. I was not in my senses. My husband Rohan was badly hurt. His breathing was erratic. I feared for his life. The previous evening, he fell down from a height onto a chair, in our house and hurt himself. Since then he had an acute problem. Our family doctor visited that evening and gave some medication but his condition deteriorated through the night. We had to rush him to the hospital next morning.

A team of doctors examined my husband and opined that my husband needed immediate operation. They said his life was in danger. I was desperate. Hospital staff rushed my husband to the operation theatre. I heard from junior doctors that the surgery was quite complicated and took almost five hours. They assured me that the surgeon performing the operation was Dr. Malhotra, who was an experienced and an expert surgeon. I absent mindedly heard them and closed my eyes most of the time praying to God during the operation. I saw the surgeon coming out several times, to organize various things, giving various commands to the nurses and attending staff. I was impressed with his energy and attention to detail in ensuring success of this surgery.

After the surgery, the surgeon came out of the theatre, removing his gloves and said to me smilingly, “Mrs. Rohan, you are very lucky. You brought your husband just in time. Had you been late even by half an hour, perhaps, he could have lapsed in c*** and the case would have been beyond reasonable possibility of survival.”

For the first time that day, an expression of relief appeared on my face. I folded my hands in greeting and blurted out with a mixture of excitement, happiness and surprise, “Oh! Sir! So! You are the famous Dr. Malhotra! I am so glad to see you. How is my husband?”

“Yes, he is OK and will be fine,” said Dr. Malhotra.

I could not control my tears. I saw how well Dr. Malhotra had organized the pre and post surgery procedures and I had learnt from the nurses, how well he operated my husband. I was very grateful to Dr. Malhotra, who tried hard to save my husband.

During the first three or four days so many junior doctors, nurses, patients’ relatives visited our room in the hospital asking for how my husband survived such a serious accident. The news of my husband’s miraculous survival circulated in the hospital like wild fire. Everyone came and told us how Dr. Malhotra, through his hard work and expertise, took my husband out of jaws of death.

When I met Dr. Malhotra after the operation, I told him that, but for his untiring efforts, my husband could have collapsed. It was only due to his untiring and genuine efforts that my husband survived. He smiled back and told me that he did nothing extra. What he did was his duty as a doctor. However, I knew that Dr. Malhotra had put in marathon effort. Dr. Malhotra did not act, as any normal doctor would have done. He went far beyond that.