Picture the scene – a middle-aged man in a raincoat (it’s a warm day) sat in a studio and on the other side of Her desk, an attractive 19-year-old girl in a short black miniskirt and matching skimpy black top.

Now before you think ‘this doesn’t look good’, it turns out that the girl is also an escort, and has posed nude for groups of men. It also turns out that the man is a 42-year-old virgin who is very nervous to be sat where he is, being very unused to the company of females, particularly young and attractive females.

That’s not to say that he isn’t here by choice – he’s hoping to fulfill a long-held dream of seeing a girl pose. He has an enormous collection of magazines and VHS tapes, pictures and cuttings from newspapers, holiday brochures and lingerie catalogues. He’s also been to this studio before – the previous week, he bought a lot of spare photos that the receptionist had in Her drawer.

That in itself was a dream cum true for him, as on many occasions he’d visited studios of all sorts – including those in Soho that were a front for something more than photographing a nude girl – but always chickened out when he got there and meekly asked for ‘spare photos’ rather than asking to see a girl pose. Of course, they never had spare photos but at least he had the pleasure that the girls on reception – who were usually the nude models – now knew that pics of girls was all he wanted.

Being able to buy spare photos from the girl at Terri’s Glamourworld Studio was a first, and a very exciting experience for the ‘perv’, and in the days that followed he masturbated a great deal over the photos. There was no doubt that he wanted to go back and buy more, but before doing so, phoned the studio to ask about more photos – really just for the pervy pleasure of talking to a girl about photos of girls.

The girl who answered the phone was one of the models, and the conversation turned to the reason why the pervert, Graham, couldn’t take photos but only wanted to buy them. Though he intimated at what was likely to happen if he saw a girl pose – which would be the first time he ever had – the model, Miss Melanie, told him She wasn’t at all concerned.

It was therefore a very mixed up Graham who set off for the studio that afternoon. There was for the first time the very real prospect of actually seeing a girl pose for the very first time, making his fondest dream cum true, since Miss Melanie had clearly stated that there would not be a problem, whatever happened. But he couldn’t be sure he would have the nerve to go through with it, as he’d always bottled it on every previous occasion.